101 Dog Care Tips: Skin and Coat Care

shutterstock_129944051 webAlthough all dogs probably don’t care about what there coat looks like, it is very important to keep a shiny, healthy coat!   Besides just looking and feeling better, healthy skin and coat can in most cases indicate the overall health of the pooch.  Sudden changes in coat can indicate underlying medical problems.  Below are several recommendations to ensure healthy, happy skin and coat:

Feed your dog a nutritious diet with the proper balance of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, including omega fatty acids and Vitamin E. About 20-25 percent of the diet should be protein.

Add one teaspoon of flax seed or fish oil to your dog’s daily food.  This will not only add shine and help to reduce shedding, but also benefits your pooches cardiovascular system.

Brush your dog at least once a week, preferably even more, but we know it can be difficult.  If your dog is a shedder, do it more often. This distributes the natural oils, prevents matting and helps minimize dust and dirt, which can cause irritation.  We recommend the Furminator.   It is not only the best for removing extra hair, but they also love the feel.

Try different dog shampoos. There are moisturizing shampoos for a dry or brittle coat, oatmeal shampoo for itchy, irritated skin and dandruff and botanical or herbal shampoos for an overall healthier coat. Biotin helps with dry skin and panthenol adds shine to the coat.

Make sure to take your dog to a veterinarian for regular checkups, which should include inspection of the entire coat, including the tail and paws.  Sometimes skin problems can be hidden in places that we do not typically see, like between paws or under their belly.

Please let us know what you if there are any suggestions for future Dog Care Tips!

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