101 Dog Care Tips: Selecting the Right Boarding Facility for Your Dog

No one likes to have to go away and leave their pooch behind.  There are several things that you should keep in mind when selecting the boarding facility for your pooch.

First contact the facility that you are interested in to make sure that they have availability for the dates that you want.  (during holidays, good facilities book up early)

Make an unannounced stop in to tour the facility.  Mornings are typically clean-up time, so if you visit in the afternoon and things are still out of sorts, that could be a bad sign.  Also, if they are not willing to give you a tour, that is also a reason to move on to a different facility and scratch this on off the list.

Find out how often your pet will be fed.  Also, will they have their own water bowl and how often they are excised during the day? Some dogs do not do well on foreign types of food, so ask if you are able to bring your own food to the boarding facility.  These are all important factors in minimizing the stress of your pooches at these facilities.

Take notice of the employees.  Are they friendly and cooperative?  Are they willing to take the time to answer the questions that you have?  Are they trained and caring?  Take notice of the way that they are interacting with the dogs while you are going on your tour.  Are they treating them gently and are they taking time in handling them?  Also, staff on site 24 hours is a great benefit, just in case something would happen.

Find out about their requirements for proof of immunizations and what immunizations they require.  Although this is a pain, it is for the protection of your pooch.  The more immunizations they require, the less chance there is to contract something.  You may also want to ask about their policies regarding flea and tick control and if they give all leaving pets a flea bath or shower.

Also ask what procedures are taken if a pooch appears to be ill or refuses to eat.  In addition, a veterinarian on staff or on call is very beneficial.

These are just a few of the things that will help in making your pooches stay pleasant.  If you ask the right questions, you will feel more comfortable when the time comes to drop your pooch off and drive away.  Also, make sure to leave your dogs with a bully stick or dog treat so that they are occupied when in their room!

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