101 Dog Care Tips: Dog Food and Treats

6 inch bsMy Parents always used to say “ You either pay at the doctor, or by eating well”.  The same goes for our pooches.  There are so many options out there for things such as food, supplements, and treats.  There are a few key things that you might want to consider before selecting these for your dogs.

•    The more natural the better.  Food and treats that contain all kinds of ingredients that you can’t pronounce, mean more artificial ingredients.

•    Grains like corn and wheat have shown to cause food allergies for our pooches.  Consider grain choices when buying your food.

•    Food sources that contain the meat rather than the by-products mean a higher quality food

We recommend looking into small companies that make pet food in batches in the United States and are preferably all natural with minimal ingredients.  Feeding raw food is also another great option, as you as the owner has total control over what your pups are eating!  There are now even frozen patties or mixes that make this option even easier to do.  Watch your dog when changing diets to make sure that they are not having bathroom issues, excessive itching, or other symptoms, which could potentially signal an allergy to something in the food.

No body likes having to give their pooches pills.  Fish oil is a great supplement which contributes to both skin and cardiovascular system health.  Salmon oil, in the liquid form can be put in their water or over their food.

When buying your dogs treats, make sure that they are a high quality meat or vegetable product, which are fully digestible.  Many treats out there (including raw hide) are not digestible, which can pose problems if your pooch swallows a piece.

Lastly, always do your homework!  There is a wealth of information on food and treats available on the Internet and in print today.  Look into reviews of the food you are feeding and pay close attention to recalls and customer complaints!  We hope that all pups out there stay happy and healthy!

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