We all like to be rewarded for good behavior and dogs are no different. Rewarding a human and an animal has similar motivational effects but humans tend to have different ideas about what constitutes a reward to animals. With animals it’s simple; food and attention are the two biggest rewards you can give. If your dog does something you are pleased with it is really important to show them with either food or some attention. Dogs thrive on attention and will love a quick cuddle or some playtime with their owner. Dog treats are the perfect reward for your dog’s good behavior and your pet will just love these little tasty bits of food every time they do something right.

Dog treats are the best way to train your pet as these small pieces of food are really effective at shaping the animal’s behavior. However, you need to get the balance right between reward and action. It is no good rewarding your dog with a treat if they haven’t complied with your wishes, he must understand the food follows good behavior or you will never have any chance of training your pooch. You need to be quite strict and clear about what you want your dog to do. For example, if you are training your dog to stay then you need to show him the treat and then give the command. If he responds positively, you can then give him the treat and he should make the connection between good behavior and a treat.

When you first introduce your pet to dog treats you will have to experiment with different flavors to determine what food he likes the most. Your pet is much more likely to respond to food if they know they like what is on offer so make sure you choose something tasty. Cheese and chicken flavors tend to be favorites amongst most pets, but fish and other meat flavors are also popular.

The key to getting treats right is getting the size right. Most products available come in bite size chunks which are easy to swallow quickly and won’t fill your pet up too much. If you use small pieces, your dog will be more likely to respond as he will be keen for more.

When choosing food treats for your pet, you should using treats that are too high in sugar or fat. You need to bear in mind your dog’s health when choosing treats and instead stick to something that is nutritious like chicken or beef. Also go for treats that are soft rather than hard and crumbly as they will make less mess and be easier to break up for small treats.

Not only are dog treats a great way of training your pet, but they are also good if you just want to show him your appreciation every time he does something well. The trick is just not to over-do the food rewards so much so that your dog won’t even move without the promise of a treat. Once your dog is fully trained it is then time to wean them off the treats as they should be exhibiting good behavior on their own now.

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