DachshundThe utterly adorable Dachshund is an incredibly popular dog breed with dog lovers everywhere. In most cases, when one thinks of a Dachshund, they will instantly be provided with the image of a small dog that sports a long body, shiny coat and floppy ears. However, many are not aware that the Dachshund breed is diverse, including a range of dogs of various sizes and coats.

In the beginnings, the Dachshund was bred in order to effectively hunt badgers. In order to fit the requirements for this task, the Dachshund had to be built low whilst being incredibly agile and muscular in order to efficiently pursue a badger. Due to its long body, the Dachshund was originally ridiculed slightly due to its ‘sausage’ like body, but its impressive characteristics soon stopped these remarks. Today, the Dachshund is still maintains its hunting instincts so during walks if let off his leash, will enjoy nothing more than following a scent in order to catch prey unless trained correctly.

The Dachshund can be found in two sizes – either standard or miniature. Although both types possess more or less the same appearance, the Miniature should weigh no more than 11 pounds and was predominately bred in order to hunt rabbits. In terms of coat, the Dachshund can be found to possess either a short haired/smooth, long haired or wire haired coat. The short haired breed is the most commonly found breed, possessing a short and shiny coat which is more commonly associated to the idea of a Dachshund. Longer haired Dachshunds will have a sleeker, softer coat that will be prominent on their ears, tail and legs. As the name suggests, wire haired Dachshunds will have a denser, shorter and wiry outer coat and will often sport a beard and bushy eyebrows.

Along with the types of coat, a Dachshund can also sport a variety of different colored coats. The most common colors are a red/rusty red shade or a combination of black and tan. In regards to black/tan Dachshunds, they will sport all black fur with tan patches on the head, chest and paws. I addition to a different color of coat, a Dachshund’s coat may also sport some form of pattern. These patterns include a dapple pattern which consists of a dark base color with lighter areas, a double dapper pattern which consists or varying white patches across the body; and the brindle pattern which is identified by dark stripes which go across the body.

Aside from their looks, there are an abundance of reasons why the Dachshund makes for a great companion. They are loving dogs who will dote completely on their master and will provide buckets of affection. They are also incredibly curious and will desire to be involved in everything their owner may be doing. They are also very intelligent and playful which makes them quick learners and an ideal breed of dog for those with families. Try using dog toys to exercise the Dachshund’s mind. However, often a Dachshund may be quite overly independent and so can be hard to train in the early beginnings as he strives to investigate his surroundings. Nevertheless, due to their size they can adapt well to smaller surroundings.

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