shutterstock_105896411We are approaching spring and with that comes walks through the park, maybe a jog, and dangers that you should be aware of.

Heart-worm is caused by mosquitoes and can be fatal for our pooches.  Spring time is a major time for this because of the weather warming up and the mosquitoes becoming more active.  There are many products out on the market that can prevent this.  Check with your vet to find out which one is right for your dog.

As the weather warms up, we also need to monitor our dogs tolerance for heat and the sun.  Some dogs like pugs and bull dogs can not tolerate the heat for very long and can actually become dehydrated and get heat stoke.  Dogs can also get sunburn, like us, so monitor the amount of sun that your pooch gets.

Also be aware that it is also approaching flea and tick season.  There are many holistic flea and tick medicines that your vet can recommend.  Although it is recommended to treat your pet for fleas and ticks all year round, we are approaching the season when this medication is most necessary.

Although we think that fairs and concerts are a great bonding experience for us and our dogs, the noise and commotion can be stressful for your pups.  These are places that should be avoided for long periods of time.

Dogs love spring and summer because it means more outdoor time and more time to release all of that pent up winter energy.  By keeping tabs and following these few tips, you can ensure a safe and happy season for you and your pooch.

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