swimming_dog With summer heat waves & scorching weather approaching a nice long dip in a cool pool can be refreshing.  Splashing and playing in the pool is the epitome of summer fun for both children, adults & water dogs.  Trust us no human or dog for that matter  can turn down a fun game of Marco Polo or water frisbee. Do keep in mind that pool safety is just as important to your pets as to your children. With more then 8 million swimming pools in the United States, it is estimated that 1 out of every 1,027 pets drown in backyard pools each year (quite a staggering number). Here are some pet safety tips in order to prevent accidental drowning. 

1. Install a fence. Installing a fence around the perimeter of your pool is the first step to preventing your pets & children from accidentally falling in a swimming pool. These fences are available for both in ground and above ground pools.

2. Use a pool alarm. These alarms will let you know if the water is disturbed in your pool. You can purchase a floating alarm or one that can be installed directly onto your swimming pool.

3. Use a collar alarm. You can attach a collar alarm around your pets neck. If this device becomes submerged in water, the alarm will sound.

4. Install a pool ramp. In the event your pet gets in the pool unsupervised, and you are unable to pool your pet out. The pool ramp will help with the escape and lead them to safety.  The ramp sits at eye level and is made so all animals can see it.
5. Wear doggy life jackets. Purchase your dog a life jacket specifically designed for him or her.  They also come in various sizes.
6. Remove your ladder. If you have an above ground pool, consider removing the ladder so pets will not have access to the water while you are not around.