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Dogs of America

To celebrate our patriotic American holidays, we at BestBullySticks created a fun infographic on the Dogs of America! These 9 nationally notable Dogs were some of the coolest furry four-leggers to walk the USA. There is Sergeant Stubby who was a Military Working Dog in World War I, even awarded the Purple Heart for his service. Buddy, the German Shepherd who was the 1st formally trained guide dog for the blind, and has a statue in his honor in New Jersey today. Then there is Balto, a Siberian Husky who ran the last leg of the Serum Race to get a much needed antitoxin to the village of Nome! Just more examples of the selfless service and bravery of man’s best friend! Read our infographic for more fun facts about these amazing All-American Dogs!


BBS Rescue Spotlight: It’s A Pittie Rescue Peotone, IL

As a winner of a Best Bully Sticks contest, It’s A Pittie in Peotone, Illinois had a slew of nominations from devoted fans. This all-volunteer, all-foster shelter and dog rescue organization is all about giving Pit Bulls in Illinois a new “leash” on life.

“It’s A Pittie Rescue brings years of volunteer experience to the world of rescue. We take in abused, neglected, and unwanted bully breeds of all ages.”

Once the dogs are taken in, they receive medical care and It’s A Pittie starts looking for these dog’s forever homes. read more…

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