Does your dog like to romp and play? Is your dog a bundle of raw energy? Do you like spending time with your dog and teaching him new tricks? Does your dog love training? If you answered Yes to all of those questions, then you and your dog have met the requirements for Dog Sports! If you aren’t familiar with Dog Sports, Best Bully Sticks would love to educate you on the fun world of “professional” play! Today Best Bully Sticks is talking about Dog Agility!

What is Agility?
A doggy obstacle course! Agility exercises and trials consist of a series of impediments a dog must navigate around, through, or over. Dogs are judged for both time and accuracy throughout the entire course.  A dog’s owner or handler helps a dog navigate though the course by a series of verbal commands and hand or arm cues. The success of a dog’s run through the course depends on the communication skills between dog and handler as well as training before hand.

Sport Training
Training for this sport usually begins for dogs between the ages of 1 to 2. Basic puppy training is the obvious place to start. Building confidence with positive reinforcement will start your dog off in the right direction for mastering more complicated commands.

Training your dog for the particular obstacles in agility trials can be taken up by you or by a professional trainer. Classes with a trainer allow your dog access to the trial obstacles without you having to buy or build them yourself.

There are 3 basic types of obstacles—jumps, tunnels and contact—and a few individual obstacles such as weave poles and pause boxes.

Hopefully, this one is pretty self-explanatory, however jumps range in complexity. Here are a few of the basic jumps. read more…