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BBS Contests: Winners of the Dogs and their Humans Contest

We are a big fan of Contests here at Best Bully Sticks! Whether it’s giving away a Gift Certificate or Prize Pack or a $700 prize to a well-deserving dog rescue organization, we believe in giving back to our fans and dog lovers nationwide.

In June we ran our Dogs and their Humans Contest where our fans submitted lots of fantastic photos of themselves, their family, or friends with their furry friends in three different categories: Right at Home, Out & About, and Holiday Celebration.

Best Bully Sticks chose the Most Photogenic Photo of them all.

Here are the Winners!

Best Bully Sticks Dogs and their Human Winners
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Dog Care 101 Tip #188: Dog Photography Tips

We know your dog has tons of personality. Sometimes they’re funny, sometimes sweet and others just plain human-like. But how do you capture these moments? can help you get photo-ready for your dog’s next picture-perfect moment.

Things You’ll Need
Camera: Most any camera will do. A small digital camera or even your phone is just fine! Remember to always have it close by so you don’t miss a moment!

Treats: Any treats will do! Small beef treats like our Beef Bon Bons are perfect for gaining attention and rewarding good poses!

Patience: Getting the absolute best shot of your dog is going to take time. Make sure you set aside a good amount of time to dedicate to photographing your dog.

Natural Light: Using natural light from a window or from outside is always better than the flash function on your camera. By using natural light you avoid alien-like “red eye,” and washed out or distorted colors.

Tips & Tricks
1. Perspective: Too many dog photos are taken from the perspective of simply standing up looking down to the dog.  Make your photos more interesting by changing your point of view. By standing on a chair, getting down on your pet’s level or just by kneeling instead of standing, you are changing your perspective and creating a more engaging photo. read more…

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