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Dog Care 101: Tip #171 – Doggy D.I.Y. Dog Beds

Dog beds can be expensive. And Best Bully Sticks knows that even if you have the means to buy one, some dogs just have a “tear-it-up” gene in them. So, why not make a cushy, sturdy dog bed that you can easily make at home? Other than a little easy sewing and some scrap materials, this bed only takes time. Making pet products at home gives you a sense of accomplishment, more money in your pocket and a stylish looking place to rest for Fido. Today, BBS will show you how to make a trendy vintage suitcase bed and a patchwork sweater bed.

This is the last part of Dog Care 101’s Doggy D.I.Y. series. If you haven’t seen BBS’s other trendy and easy craft projects visit our DIY tutorials on Dog Soap & Tug Toy as well as a Doggy Ball Cap!

Trendy Vintage Suitcase Dog Bed
There are some really great elements of this uber stylish dog bed, but maybe the best is that you can most likely make this bed for under $20! BBS will demystify the complicated look of this great bed so you can dazzle all your friends with your craftiness!




  • Vintage Suitcase
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver
  • Pillow (that fits your suitcase)
  • Pillow Sham

1. Open the suitcase and examine how it is hinged together.

2. If it is screwed together, then you just need to unscrew the top half of the suitcase from the bottom half. If it is attached by some other means, then you will have to break out the hammer. You might need a “handy-man” for this step if you don’t have the muscle power yourself!

3. Discard the top half of the suitcase.

4. Cover a pillow with the sham of your choice. If you have an old, unused sham at home, it would be perfect to use!

5. Place the pillow in the suitcase and tuck the corners in. We lucked out because our suitcase was the perfect size for the pillow we used. If this is not the case, you can make your own custom pillow. read more…

Dog Care 101: Tip #169: Doggy D.I.Y.: Soap & Toy

Best Bully Sticks knows that trends come and go, but one thing remains constant: saving a buck here and there is always a great thing. In today’s culture, one trend that is making a comeback is the concept of making our own household goods from “scratch” instead of buying from a store. Do-It-Yourself culture is returning and Best Bully Sticks hopes it’s here to stay! It might take a little more time, but in the long run a unique, cost effective, and homemade product is worth it. This week BBS will show you some of the neat-o Doggy D.I.Y. projects you can make for your pup!

Today we’re covering a couple simple projects: a dog-friendly soap & a quick and easy tug toy!




Herb & Peppermint Soap
Bathing your dog is essential for a lot of reasons; keeping flea and ticks away, a better smelling and feeling Fido and a happier, more comfortable pet just to name a few. This D.I.Y. soap recipe is full of beneficial ingredients to keep your dog healthy and pest free, like herbal shampoo and peppermint oil. This soap can substitute for any current dog shampoo or soap you’re using. Plus, it’ll make Fido smell GREAT!

You’ll Need:
4 oz melt and pour base or soap flakes
1 1/2 tablespoons of herbal shampoo
10-15 drops of peppermint essential oil
Soap molds

1. Melt your soap down using a double boiler method.

2. Once your soap is melted add the shampoo and essential oil.

3. Make sure you don’t stir too vigorously or the shampoo will become frothy.

4. Keep stirring until completely mixed and then pour into your soap molds.

5. You can use some dog-shaped molds or bone-shaped molds for these soaps.


T-Shirt Tug Toy

Some dogs that are of the aggressive playing persuasion can chew up toys like it’s going out of style.  Buying new toys for your dog might be a permanent line on the shopping list. So why not save a little cash while recycling some of your old t-shirts? This T-Shirt Tug Toy D.I.Y. is so easy that your kids or grandkids could put it together! Check out this great toy your dog is sure to love!

You’ll Need:
20 1 inch x 20 inch (2.5cm x 50cm) Recycled stretch knit from pants or tops in assorted colors. (You can use recycled stretch knit from old t-shirts or pants or if you like or you can use new fabric.)

1. Cut the fabric into 20 pieces that measure approximately 1 inch x 20 inches (2.5cm x 50cm) for a large dog. For smaller dogs reduce the length and quantity but not the 1-inch width.

2. Lay your pieces together in 2 sections of 10. Twist the 2 sections together and tie a large knot at each end as shown in the picture. Your knot should be tight and secure. There is no need for gluing or sewing.

3. Alternatively you can plat your strands together or add extra knots depending on your dog’s desire.


For more Doggy (& a few cat) D.I.Y.’s check out Best Bully Stick’s Pinterest “Pet DIY” Board. We feature lots of great exclusive content on Pinterest and this board is all about “doing-it-yourself” for your pets! Tutorials include everything from a pet ramp, doggy origami and even instructions for assembling a doggy cake! Check out our Pinterest page for more great content!


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