family-on-the-beach1Summer vacation is just around the corner! One of the ways we love to enjoy the dog days of summer with our pugs is to spend a day or weekend at the beach. Nothing barks doggy paradise then sunny blue skies, sandy shores, cool waters, sea shells and waves rolling in. Almost all dogs love the beach and some fun in the sun. The beach is the perfect place for dogs to frolic, dig, swim, surf, roll, romp, play and get dirty. Here are few beach pet safety tips so you can enjoy the beach with your dog. Surfs pups!

1. Check to make sure that dog’s are allowed at the beach you will be attending

2. Be law abiding pet owner citizens and make sure you read & understand the beach rules. If a leash is mandatory make sure you leash up and follow the rules.

3. The beach is for obedient and friendly dogs who can be on their best behavior. We recommend obedience classes and training for all dogs, especially if your dog is going to be accompanying on your travels and to public places.

4. Have your dog spayed or neutered, in the event that your dog runs away or becomes lost. Never bring a female dog in heat to the beach or public places, this could cause quite a stir among male dogs.

5. Hydration is key! Bring lots of water for the both of you and a bowl to quench your dog’s thirst in the heat. Collapsible bowls and oblong bowls that clip to a water bottle are available and may be more convenient.

6. Bring dog treats as away to praise & reward your dog for good behavior and to re-charge. Treats are a great way to gain your dogs attention.

7. It is always proper “petiquette” to pick up your dog’s #2 business. Not only is it the right thing to do but at many beaches is a law, those that do not abide may have to pay a hefty fine. Make to pack some biodegradable doggy pickup bags in your beach bag.

8.  Dog’s aren’t one to lay in the sun and tan. With bringing your dog to beach their is a higher risk of your dog getting a deadly heatstroke since shade is limited & non-existence. So to ease your mind bring an umbrella so your dog is not in direct sunlight. The umbrella will also help prevent sunburn.

9. Pack your dogs sunscreen because dogs can get sunburn too! You can purchase dog specific sunscreen at your local pet store. Apply sunscreen to your pet. Be sure to use sunscreen on lighter coats and sensitive spots such as the pet’s nose and tips of his ears.

10. Make sure to pack your dogs favorite ball or frisbee for a fun game of fetch in the sand.

11. If your dog is not a great swimmer make sure to bring a doggy life jacket.

12. Bring enough towels to dry off  your beachy wet dog and one to lay under your wet sandy dog in the car once your fun day in the sun is done.

13. Make sure your dog has a secure collar with proper id tags and is up-to-date on vaccinations.



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