Supervising Your Dog

We like to remind all dog owners especially those unfamiliar with bully sticks and how their dog(s) will react to them, to make sure to supervise your dog when giving any treat or chew including bully sticks and dog bones.  Some dogs that are not used to bully sticks may get extremely excited and try to swallow it quickly rather than chew it; this is also common with dog bones.  It is important to ensure that your dog is grinding a dog bone down rather than trying to “bit it”.  Biting on bones (because they are so hard) could be harmful especially if done repetitively.

We also want to stress that it is of particular importance to supervise smaller breeds of dogs, as they have smaller internal systems.  We recommend taking bully sticks or any other chew like an Antlerz, away from your dog when there is 1-2 inches left.  While all of our products are safe and fully digestible it is still important to supervise your dog to ensure that they do not have any adverse effects.

We appreciate all of your continued business and as we continue to bring on many new customers, we are trying to ensure that everyone is properly educated on how to feed treats and chews.