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Bully Sticks Help Teach Canines Good Chewing Habits

If we know anything about dogs, it’s that they like to chew on things. Puppies chew because they process things with their mouths just like babies, and they also teethe like human babies do. Adult dogs chew for exercise, to counteract boredom, and sometimes to alleviate feelings of anxiety or uncertainty. At, we’re dog owners just like you, and no matter the reason our dogs chew, it’s our responsibility as dog owners to teach them appropriate chewing habits.

Our guideline for choosing dog chews that will encourage good chewing habits is simple:  it has to be safe, healthy and last a long time. One of the best dog chews we’ve ever found is a Bully Stick. In fact, we’re so impressed with Bully Sticks that we named our company after them! Our dogs love them, and we guarantee your dogs will, too.

The original Bully Sticks from BBS provide lots of chew time for your pooch. Made from free-range cattle, these Bully Sticks are made in South America, so you can feel good about supporting local business. Unlike rawhide chews, Bully Sticks are 100% digestible, so they’re safe for your dog. As with all our Bully Sticks, these are single-ingredient dog chews, which means you won’t find anything artificial in these products. Bully Sticks from other sources are often filled with preservatives, but not at Best Bully Sticks! Our bully sticks are baked until these 100% beef dog chews are  perfectly chewable. Our original Bully Sticks come in lots of different sizes, so you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect size for your four-legged friend.

Dogs like challenges, and here at, we’ve come up with a great one in the form of Braided Bully Sticks. These durable dog chews are made by braiding three original Bully Sticks together to form an interesting texture your dog will love. Bully Sticks are naturally long lasting, and our Braided Bully Sticks are the king of hardy dog chews. Available in sizes ranging from 6 inches to 18 inches, you’re sure to find Fido’s perfect fit.

If you love beefy dog chews but hate the smell that can accompany them, we know exactly how you feel. At BBS, we happily offer a range of Odor Free Bully Sticks. Your dog gets all the satisfying chew time without the odor – what could be better? Other manufacturers remove odor by using harsh chemicals like bleach, which can harm your pet. At, we simply bake our Bully Sticks longer to virtually eliminate the natural moisture that causes odor. Our Odor Free Bully Sticks are all natural and completely safe for your dog, and we carry a variety of sizes and shapes to keep your pup’s interest including Spiral Odor Free Bully Sticks, Jumbo Odor Free Bully Sticks and Thin Odor Free Bully Sticks.

Here at, we know Bully Sticks are one of the best dog chews available. They don’t just promote healthy chewing habits, they encourage good oral hygiene and provide an outlet for your dog to exercise, teethe, and keep himself occupied. Dogs continually prove their ability to learn, and by teaching your pooch positive chewing habits you’ll be establishing a healthy habit he’ll carry throughout his lifetime. 

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BBS Rescue Spotlight: Adopt A Boxer Rescue

When you love a dog, you’ll do anything for them. Now add hundreds more dogs stretched over many states. Nothing changes does it? That’s what the wonderful folks at Adopt A Boxer Rescue have tapped into. Their volunteers have a great passion for rescuing Boxers; they love them and will do anything for them. Read’s Rescue Spotlight on Adopt A Boxer Rescue below to hear of AABR successes, needs and see some amazing before and after photos.

When & Why did you start?
Boxer lovers Dawn Karam, Jamie Meadow, and Sandy Trehy founded Adopt a Boxer Rescue in November 2004 after working for many years with other rescues, in order to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home unwanted and abandoned boxer dogs within the northeast United States. 

What’s different about your rescue?
Adopt a Boxer Rescue is an all-volunteer rescue doing both hands-on rescue and education. Our volunteers and homes step up to help dogs no matter what medical issues or age. While AABR finds homes for many healthy, young dogs, we also are committed to being there for dogs like Rocky , Bobbi , Camacho, and the seniors who need someone to go the extra mile for them. read more…

Dog Care 101 Tip #204: Organizing Dog Supplies

Is your dog’s stuff taking over? If you have 1 dog, why do you have 4 leashes? And wasn’t that hook supposed to be for your keys? Spring cleaning is right around the corner so there’s no better time than now to de-clutter your dog’s stuff. Read’s helpful tips below for Organizing Dog Supplies.

De-clutter & Conquer: Paring Down
Most likely there are a few things you can pare down. The first step is gathering all your dog’s supplies in one area to see exactly what you have. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Donate or Trash:

  • Broken or unused dog beds, crates or toys
  • Treats your dog doesn’t care for or that are expired
  • Any items from a pet that is no longer in your home

Thinking Categorically: Creating Categories
Separate your remaining items by these categories

  • Food & Bowls
  • Toys
  • Medications
  • Leashes
  • Waste Disposal
  • Paperwork

Pet Food Storage Area
Usually you’ll keep your dog’s food, bowls and treats in the area where he’ll eat. Whether that’s in the kitchen or near his kennel, finding the right items for organization could include an airtight dog food container, food scoop, a treat jar, properly sized dog bowls and anti-slip mats.

Pet Toys
Where does your dog play the most? In the living room or your bedroom or even an enclosed patio? Wherever it may be, keep all your dog’s toys here. A simple basket can contain all of your dog’s favorite toys like his durable West Paw dog toys or his long lasting Planet Dog balls. Every time you pick up your dog’s toys and place them back in the basket, put your dog’s favorite item in the very bottom. This creates a fun scavenging game for your dog!

Consider a separate toy basket that is specifically for outdoors play. Tennis balls and flying discs can have a permanent place on your covered porch or deck to be ready for a game of fetch anytime.

For Your Walk
Create a dog-friendly entryway near the door you’ll exit before you take your dog on his daily walk. Hang hooks on the wall for leashes and collars, gather plastic grocery bags or waste bags in a basket and stow a towel near the door to take care of muddy paws or wet fur. Keep a small bag of treats near the door for rewards and brush to keep Fido’s fur in check. A lint brush might be a good idea, too!

Veterinary information, adoption paperwork and certifications are all crucial papers you’ll want to keep not only organized but within reach. Create a binder or file folder for each individual pet divided by topic so information is easily accessible.

Do you need to de-clutter your dog’s stuff? Tell us how your organizing your pet’s supplies. 

BBS Weekend Reader: March 8th Edition


You don’t need Rebecca Black to tell you “It’s Friday.” We’re sure you’ve been looking forward to Friday all week! Did you miss any of BARK-tastic blogs this week?  If you did miss any of the Dog Sitting/NYC Dog Rescuing/Blueberry Pumpkin Treating/Min Pin fun, catch up before Monday with all of this week’s great BBS Blogs!

So snuggle up to your favorite pooch (or pooches) and read the BBS Healthy Dog Blog! Happy Weekend Reading! Click the links below to find out more about: 

Dog Care 101 Tip #203: Choosing A Good Dog Sitter • Rescue Spotlight: Rescuzilla •  Vegan Heartland’s Blueberry Pumpkin Dog Treats • Breed Spotlight on the Miniature Pinscher

Also in your free time this weekend, check out our fun Pinterest Page! We’ve got TONS of great dog videos, adorable dog photos, funny dog photos, DIY dog project and more!

BBS Breed Spotlight: Miniature Pinscher

Just like a little brother doesn’t like being introduced as “John’s little brother,” the Miniature Pinscher doesn’t like being confused for a “miniature Doberman.” Any Min Pin lover or fancier will tell you, this dog is a breed all it’s own. With a lot of attitude packed into a tiny body, the Min Pin is both a delight and a doozy. Read more about this rambunctious little dog on the Breed Spotlight on the Miniature Pinscher.

History & Background: Despite popular belief, the Miniature Pinscher isn’t simply a smaller version of the Doberman Pinscher. This small breed, German dog has its own origins through the Dachshund and Italian Greyhound. However, both the Min Pin and the Doberman most likely share the German Standard Pinscher as an ancestor. In Germany, the Miniature Pinscher is called the Zwerg Pinscher (Dwarf Pinscher) and Pinscher translates Terrier. Colloquially this dog is called the “King of the Toys.”

It’s thought the Min Pin is an ancient dog breed, though factual evidence of the existence of this particular breed dates back less than 200 years. What is known is the Min Pin enjoyed life in solely in Germany and Scandinavian countries for many years serving as a ratter. It wasn’t until 1919 that this dog was introduced to the United States. In 1930 the AKC reclassified this dog from the Terrier Group to the Toy and in 1972 this club changed the dog’s name from Pinscher to Miniature Pinscher.

Height: 10 to 12.5 inches

Weight: 8 to 10 pounds

Coat: The Miniature Pinscher has a short, hard coat that is smooth and straight. The coat clings tight to the body and covers the Min Pin evenly. read more…

Weekly Drool Recipe: Blueberry Pumpkin Dog Treats

Today, we at are very excited bring you a dog treat recipe chock-full of “good-for-you” stuff! You know, like when you eat a fresh piece of fruit that’s in season and your body loves you for it? Well, these Blueberry Pumpkin Dog Treats from Matthew at Vegan Heartland will do just that for your pup! Read on to learn about Matthew’s Yellow Lab, Keeva and her favorite treat.

Keeva has been on a mostly homemade vegan diet for almost a year now and she’s doing amazing! She does eat kibble every now and then and she absolutely loves it!

I know there’s one thing I can count on though and that would be these treats! Keeva absolutely loves these! Not only does she love to snack on them but they’re super nutritious for her! She get’s the antioxidants from the blueberries and pumpkin + the omega-3 fatty acids and lignans from the flax seed meal. I think when I make these next time I’m going to add some sesame seed meal and molasses to add a little boost of calcium to her diet. They’re super easy to make and you can cut them out into any shape you like!


  • 1/2 cup applesauce
  • 1/2 cup canned pumpkin
  • 2 cups 100% whole wheat flour (you could try using oat or brown rice flour for wheat free treats!)
  • 1/2 cup flax seed meal
  • 1/3 cup blueberries
  • 1/3 cup water

1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F.

2. Blend together the applesauce and pumpkin. Once the applesauce and pumpkin are well combined, stir in the flour and flax seed meal. Add in enough water until dough just becomes workable. The dough will be a little stiff, but don’t worry, that’s what we’re going for! Work the rest of the ingredients together with your hands until all have become well incorporated. read more…

BBS Rescue Spotlight: Rescuzilla loves hearing a good dog rescue story and Rescuzilla out of NYC has a lot of good ones. We spoke to Katherine Good, one of the coordinators at this passionate animal rescue about the successes and needs of Rescuzilla.

When & Why did you start?  
Rescuzilla was founded in 2009 in the hopes of responsibly saving dogs and cats from being part of the millions of animals that are killed each year in the United States. After years of volunteering and caring for animals at the shelter we wanted to be able to make sure that animals we met got the chance to be wonderful family members. Starting a rescue was the next logical step in doing so.

What’s different about your rescue? 
We are very much a grassroots and hand on rescue. As active volunteers at the Animal Care & Control of New York City and partners in their New Hope program, we are able to help animals from the beginning of their second life until their new forever home. Our program is small, with usually around 8 animals at a time, but every animal is in loving foster home and receives all the attention it needs whether it be medical or behavioral. 

What is the greatest success story or “win” that your rescue has had? 
This is a tough one! One of the few ways to measure it is by how far an animal has come since we first met him. One that always keeps us smiling is Benjamin Buttons. He was found with what we thought was a sweater that turned out to be a sweatpants leg that someone had fashioned into a shirt for him. A little, emaciated, chronically illsenior rat terrier.  He had to be saved but we knew it would take a one-of-a-kind family to see all his potential! He was fostered by an amazing family that embodies the definition of love. His mama fed him special meals, carried him all over the house in a pouch and let him sleep safely in bed, making sure he had his space right between her and her husband. It wasn’t long before Benjamin started putting on weight and his ailments dissipated. The foster family saw how special he is and knew he was meant to be with them forever. He is like a whole new dog; truly a Benjamin (Belly) Buttons.   read more…

Dog Care 101 Tip #203: Choosing A Good Dog Sitter

If you can’t make it home to let your dog out at lunch or you’re going on vacation, considering a dog sitter is a great idea. knows you want the best caregiver for your dog besides you. That’s why we’re giving you these handy tips on How to Choose a Good Dog Sitter!

Pros of Choosing A Dog Sitter
A few positives of hiring a dog sitter include:

  • Keeping your pet comfortable in their own environment
  • Keeping your dog’s regular routine
  • No social anxiety of a boarding facility
  • Attention and care while you’re away and peace of mind you’ll feel knowing this
  • Happier friends and family who aren’t begrudgingly caring for your pet
  • Checking in on your house so potential burglars won’t know you’re gone
  • Miscellaneous services such as plant watering, mail pick up, etc.

What To Look For
Finding a pet sitter is as easy as asking friends and family or even looking to the National Association for Professional Pet Sitters or Pet Sitters International. Online services such as are helpful, too.

Once you find a few candidates, look into each person’s qualifications and services. You’ll want to check for:

  • Related training
  • At least three references
  • Liability insurance to cover accidents or negligence

You’ll also want to see if the sitter is:

  • Comfortable with your dog and your dog seems comfortable with them
  • Taking thorough notes
  • Offering additional services such as plant watering, mail pickup or grooming
  • Providing a written contract including services and fees
  • Outlining when and how long they will be at your home (if not a live-in sitter)
  • Checking in with you at a specified time interval
  • Setting up a replacement if they have an emergency or are sick
  • Familiar with First Aid or an Emergency Vet
  • The only person coming into your home
  • Leaving your house key in a particular place

Your Responsibilities
Now that you know what to look for, prepare for your dog sitters visit. Here are some basic responsibilities to make your dog sitter’s time with your fur-kid easy and pleasant.

  • Notify your dog sitter as early as possible
  • Be sure you have current id tags and all medical information and vaccinations are up to date
  • Make sure your pet is well socialized and comfortable with your sitter
  • Take your sitter on a full tour of your house and be sure they’re familiar with your security system and fuse box
  • Leave detailed instructions outlining your dog’s complete routine (feeding, exercise, preferences)
  • Leave all your contact, emergency contact and veterinarian information
  • Put your dog’s food and supplies in one place
  • Leave a key with a friend, trusted neighbor or family member as well as exchange phone numbers between them all.

To keep your dog busy while he’s alone, give him a durable Planet Dog Orbee. This stuffable dog toy will give Fido hours of challenging fun. Try freezing kibble and peanut butter. Your dog will love this toy!

Now that you’re familiar with finding a good dog sitter, you can go out of town without worrying (too much) about Fido.






BBS Weekend Reader: March 1st Edition

It’s Friday!! Did you miss any of BARK-tastic blogs this week?  If you did miss any of the Mississippi Dog Rescuing/Cookie Crisp Dog Treat Baking/Schipperke fun, catch up before Monday with all of this week’s great BBS Blogs!

So snuggle up to your favorite pooch (or pooches) and read the BBS Healthy Dog Blog! Happy Weekend Reading! Click the links below to find out more about:

Rescue Spotlight: Community Animal Rescue & Adoption •  Dog Pack Snacks Coco’s Carob-Nut Dog Crisps • Breed Spotlight on the Schipperke

Also in your free time this weekend, check out our fun Pinterest Page! We’ve got TONS of great dog videos, adorable dog photos, funny dog photos, DIY dog project and more!

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