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Texas Taffy

Texas Taffy

We are proud to announce the newest addition to our growing catalog Texas Taffy!  Texas Taffy is made from the backstrap of a cow and we would consider it more of a chew for smaller dogs (under 30 pounds) and more of a treat for medium to large dogs.  They are about 8-12″ in length and are made from USDA sourced ingredients in the US.  It is becoming increasingly difficult to find things for dogs made in the US, but we are committed to finding and sourcing the BEST products for your dogs!  If you are concerned about US made dog treats please visit our selection of Plato Pet Treats which are all made in the US; some are even certified organic.

Texas Taffy is like a long flat piece of beef jerky and is sure to please your dogs!  It also only has beef as an ingredient, as a rule of thumb we tend to like single ingredient treats and chews unless supplements are added.

Texas Taffy

The guaranteed analysis in Texas Taffy is as follows:

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein    (Min.) 83.00%
Crude Fat          (Min.) 2.70%
Crude Fiber      (Max.) 1.20%
Moisture           (Max.) 9.30%

Greatest American Dog 2/3

Greatest American Dog 2/3

We are still following the show and want to catch you all up on it if you haven’t been watching. In episode 2 Elvis, David’s dog, gets into a small tiff with Tillman the bulldog. Travis and Presley (the boxer) won the challenge and got to move into the “suite”, and Bella Starlet and Beth got into with the judges over dog clothing. In the end it ended up being Kenji and Elan that got eliminated. As far as I could tell it was mainly due to her being too physical with Kenji and not using good training techniques. JD and the odds on favorite to win “Galaxy” lost their quick challenge early because of a simple mistake, JD, in our opinion did not take it too well. Travis ended up sending JD to the doghouse and we felt that it was fitting.

In episode 3 the quick challenge was a bit confusing and in our opinion Elvis and David struggled the most. Travis (Presley) and Brandi (Beacon) looked like they were having a tough time of it in the challenge, but ended up being the winners. As winners they were both entitled to “share” the suite but Travis, to Brandi’s surprise, chose to give her and Beacon the room to themselves. They also chose to send Laurie and her dog to the dog house…Laurie appeared to be pretty upset about it and questioned their decision several times. For the final challenge of this episode the teams were split into two teams for a teamwork challenge and Travis’s team ended up being the winner.  In the end the judges decided to send David and Elvis packing.

Stay tuned and we will keep you up to date with the latest news on Greatest American Dog. Also, as always, be sure to check out our large selection of bully sticks and dog treats; which includes our two newest additions (Piggy Snouts & Texas Taffy)!

Best Bully Sticks Newsletter/Sale

Best Bully Sticks Newsletter/Sale 

We wanted to point out a few things that we forgot to say in our newsletter earlier this morning.

First, we overlooked that through August 31st, 2008 we will be including a free bottle of Furminator shampoo with every order of a small, medium, and large Furminator.  This will remain the same price and is just a deal that cannot be beat!  Secondly, we wanted to remind everyone to please share the newsletter with their friends and family…especially the ones that don’t know about natural dog treats and chews.

As a recap to new customers that did not receive the newsletter.  We introduced Plato Salmon Oil, Piggy Snouts, and are having a huge sale on our small to medium sized bully sticks.  We also talked about our recurring sale on trachea and other items under the “dog treats and chews” section of the website.

Lastly, we rewarded our most recent photo winner “Louie” with a $25 gift certificate for being the photo contest winner for the month of July.  Remember to submit photos of your furkids with or without bully sticks for a chance to win!

Salmon Oil From Plato Pet Treats

Salmon Oil From Plato Pet Treats

Salmon Oil

We are proud to introduce the first supplement that we have ever carried at Best Bully’s! We have just started to carry Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil manufactured by Plato Pet Treats. Salmon Oil is not only a great supplement for your dog, but being made by Plato makes it just that much better.

First, we’ll start with why Salmon Oil is so great….for starters it helps to promote healthy skin and a glossy coat. Salmon oil also supports heart health and has been shown to promote healthy brain activity. Plato also adds a rosemary extract to their oil which helps as an antioxidant. This is simple to use with your dogs or cats.  It comes standard with a pump top dispenser which makes knowing how much to use easy!

Not all Salmon Oil is created equal. Plato uses 100% Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil, not farm raised or from another part of the world. Plato Salmon Oil is also naturally preserved like all Plato products and has only two ingredients…Rosemary and Salmon Oil. In our opinion, the addition of rosemary creates a pleasant aroma to the oil while adding antioxidant properties. Plato also uses a dark almost black colored container to prevent light from entering the container and degrading the quality of the product. We are sure that this product will do well as a supplement and will help dogs all over the country live healthier, happier lives!

Please also make sure to visit the Plato Dog Treats section of the website to find the treats that Plato manufactures.

Greatest American Dog Episode 1

Greatest American Dog

I don’t know about all of you but we are HUGE fans of the new “Greatest American Dog” reality TV show on CBS. We would have loved to see the Pug breed represented but are just happy to see dogs get airtime on TV in general. The show comes on CBS during prime time every Thursday night and is in the same format as a typical reality show. Each week one dog and owner get “voted out of canine academy” by a panel of three judges. There are twelve dog/person teams on the show and each week they are put through individual and group challenges that test themselves and their dogs.

After watching the first show, we would have to say that our favorite has got to be Tillman. He is a bulldog who surfs, skateboards, and snowboards….how cool is that? We also really liked Ezzie and Michael (Boston Terrier) and were surprised that they were voted off during the shows first week. We thought that the judges might have been a little harsh on them and thought that another contestant might be the team to go. For them to come in second in musical chairs and Michael to MC his teams “show” was enough in our book to keep him around? In any case, it is difficult to think that any of the dog/owner teams have to get voted off as they all have awesome and unique talents.

As far as the ratings go this is CBS’s big summer gamble and the preliminary results show that it is paying big dividends. We think it would be great for this show to become a franchise type show like all of reality singing and dancing. By the way if you missed the first episode you can catch it on the CBS website anytime to catch up.
Well, we will be back next week with another follow up on this show, till next week….

Piggy Snouts

Piggy Snout

Piggy Snouts

This is a new item that we are introducing to you all after many repeated requests for it. The brand of the pig snout that we are carrying is manufactured by “Smokehouse” and is made in the US. We are happy to offer this quality product to you at a reasonable price. All of the Piggy Snouts come individually shrink wrapped which makes them easy to store, and even easier to give as gifts!

The analysis of the Piggy Snout is as follows:

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein (Min.) 63.00%
Crude Fat (Min.) 25.00%
Crude Fiber (Max.) 5.00%
Moisture (Max.) 9.00%

Keep in mind, that these are also more of a chew than a treat and will last a good amount of time. We are sure that these will become a big hit with all of you soon! Please also send us any recommendations that you may have for new chews, treats, or products that you would like to see us carry…we would appreciate the help.

Cow Ears or Pig Ears

Cow Ears or Pig Ears

We get a lot of questions about both of these chews and wanted to clarify some information on them.  First off, they are both from South American free-ranging animals (this means that they are not kept in feedlots, given hormones, and are free-grazing eating mostly grasses).   They are also both great chews for dogs and last a considerable amount of time.  The sizing of them is about the same with the cow ears being a little bigger.  They are both all natural and not smoked and as such offer a pretty clean treat for your dog.  These are also both single ingredient items (no preservatives, chemicals, etc…)

Now for the differences…

Cow Ears are typically an off-white color and have a faint beef smell to them.  They are not greasy at all and have a little less fat than a pig ear.  They are a great option for dogs that are sensitive to pork products or may need to diet a bit.  The nutritional data for cow ears is as follows:

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein    (Min.) 83.00%
Crude Fat          (Min.) 4.00%
Crude Fiber      (Max.) 8.00%
Moisture           (Max.) 5.00%

Pig Ears are a pink/brown/hazel color and are also a great dog chew.  These have been around forever and are a little higher in fat than Cow Ears.  Just like the Cow Ears the Pig Ears will have a faint pork smell that is all natural.  The following is the nutritional data on Pig Ears:

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein    (Min.) 66.00%
Crude Fat          (Min.) 20.00%
Crude Fiber      (Max.) 4.00%
Moisture           (Max.) 10.00%Please also consider some of our other unique natural items like beef monster bones, trachea chips, or pig ear strips!

Leona Helmsley Leaves 8 Billion To Dogs

Leona Helmsley, real estate magnate, has left 8 billion US dollars to Dog Care.  I couldn’t believe it myself when I saw it on the news…but at this point it appears to be true.  Helmsley has directed that most of her entire fortune be left for the care and well being of dogs, even though this is pretty wide open I am sure that they will find plenty of worthy causes.  I think that this type of philanthropy will do wonders for dog care and rescue groups all over the US and in fact several hundred have already applied to the foundation for funding.  I am curious to see what the outcome of all this will be.

In case you are worried about Helmsley’s own dog….don’t!  In her will she left the dog 12 million for dog treats, food, and care, but a judge has recently awarded 10 million of that amount to be split between two of her grandchildren.  I thought that this actual data was also pretty interesting, the court has decided the following:

$190,000 (per year for ten years for Trouble), which includes his $60,000 guardian fee, $100,000 for ’round-the-clock security, $8,000 for grooming, $3,000 for miscellaneous expenses, $1,200 for food and anywhere from $2,500 to $18,000 for medical care.

Based on this data I would have to say that Trouble is living better than most of us are!

Plato Dog Treats

Plato Dog Treats

Plato makes some of the finest dog treats on the market today. All of their treats are made in the US and the chicken dog treats are certified organic. Finding dog treats that are made in the US is becoming an increasing rarity and it is always nice to offer something that is made under the scrutiny of the US government.

Plato dog treats currently come in four varieties, however, they are planning on bringing out some new products out soon! The dog treats that are currently available are Kangaroo, Duck, Chicken, and Salmon; all of which have over 90% of the meat ingredient in them. The chicken, duck, and salmon varieties come in 2 sizes with the Kangaroo only coming in one.

The duck and salmon treats are particularly good for dogs with allergies as they are both considered hypo-allergenic meats. Kangaroo is widely considered the most hypo-allergenic meat for dogs, so if you have a dog with a sensitive stomach please consider these. Also, don’t worry about the source of the kangaroo as it is from free range kangaroos that are naturally culled from the population; without culling the population kangaroo’s would become too populous!

Plato is also introducing an excellent salmon oil for dogs and cats which we will be carrying on the site within the next few weeks. This oil is a 100% natural product and is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals particularly the Omega 3’s and 6’s. We are sure that this will make a great addition to an already high quality assortment of products from Plato.

As always, make sure to check out our other selection of all natural dog chews and treats, and of course bully sticks….

You, Me, and the Dog Days of Summer

You Me and the Dog Days of Summer

Yes it’s that time of the year again, Summer. When things slow down, the weather gets warmer and our thoughts seem to drift away like a puffy cloud across the sky.

Here in Richmond Va, those summer days eventually turn into heat index, hazy, lazy days when being outside is a chore in itself. Therefore the time I can spend outside with my two pugs, Sushi and Espy are always precious.  We attempt to go down to Maymont park when the weather and heat permits, and walk around the lake and just enjoy summer breeze and outside atmosphere.

The pugs love it when we break for lunch because they know they will get an extra special dog treat. Lately they have had the benefit of one of our new products the Himalayan Dog Chews.  They truly love these treats but I can’t decide if they enjoy the bully sticks more. Knowing these two pugs, they are just trying to play me to get more treats and chews.  But I love them and spoil them, and who am I to deny them of a special healthy dog treat.

As it continues to get hotter and hotter outdoors make sure that when your dog is outside that they have plenty of water, are only outdoors for a limited amount of time, and have ample shade to retreat from the sun. 

We would recommend making your dog(s) healthy summertime cool snacks like homemade ice cream or yogurt.  Make this even more fun by stuffing that ice cream into your dog’s beef trachea, hollow shin bones, or toys with treat holes in them.  We are sure that your dog will appreciate this cool summertime snack. 

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