Odor Free Bully Sticks

As we continue our quest to offer all natural dog chews and treats to all dog owners we are continuously asked the question about whether or not odor free bully sticks are a good feeding option.  We have written about this a few times but want to reiterate that in order to have a meat product that is odorless it must be altered.  The best meat products in the world are manufactured properly and still smell like meat products!  Please consider this when choosing which bully sticks or other dog treats you decide to give your pets.

We have had several vendors of bully sticks approach us and offer to “add” ingredients to our bully sticks to make them odor free, but frankly we are proud to only offer an all natural free range South American product; just the way it is supposed to be.  Companies use everything from bleach, to heavy enzyme regiments, to potassium to achieve a bully stick or other meat based treat which doesn’t smell like anything.  We think that you and your pooch will enjoy our product offering more knowing that it is truly all natural.

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