dog_droolingWe are excited to bring to you a new line (to us at least) of all natural dog food that your pooch & feline is sure to love. Addiction Foods have been ranked #1 in 2009 by Whole Dog Magazine and contain only the things that we would want going into our dogs and cats mouth (all ingredients that you can understand). They have several varieties including dehydrated raw food and dry dog food, and they also have a variety of canned food and treats. This gives every kind of feeder great options. In addition, for those of you who have dogs with allergies & sensitive stomaches, there are several varieties for you as well!

The Ultimate in Holistic Pet Food

Addiction Holistic Food is unlike any other. Free from harmful additives and made in New Zealand, Australia, Canada and USA exclusively from Premium Proteins and Game Meats known for their nutritional and hypoallergenic properties, Addiction has amassed a cult following among discerning pet owners seeking the ultimate in Holistic Nutrition.

What Nature Intended Your Pet to Eat

Enlightened by the belief that pet food should be natural and free from harmful additives, the Addiction range uses only natural, wholesome, highest-quality ingredients packed with nutritional benefits to enhance health and well-being. It contains no artificial preservatives, flavors, fillers or by-products commonly found in many of today’s pet and even human foods. The result is food as close to what nature intended your dog or cat to eat.

Made From Premium Proteins and Game Meats

The Addiction range specializes in Premium Proteins and Game Meats such as Kangaroo, Brushtail, Venison and more. Premium proteins are hypoallergenic to dogs not previously exposed to them therefore provide a natural solution to dogs that are allergic to chicken, beef or lamb. Each premium protein and game meat in the Addiction range is carefully selected for its exquisite taste and nutritional properties, providing your dog with a naturally great tasting meal with unique health benefits.

Setting the Bar High!

Addiction Pet Foods leads the way in a new standard for premium pet food! We gently air-dry raw meat, fruits and vegetables to keep ingredients fresh and to naturally lock-in vitamins and enzymes. With unique premium protein sources from Venison and Brushtail for sensitive dogs, to Free-range New Zealand Lamb, your dog will be spoiled with so many  choice. And unlike other competitive brands, you can actually see the chunky meat in their dog & cat food!

Save the Environment, Feed Addiction.

Addiction believes in creating responsible foods that are both great for your pets as well as the environment by participating actively in the eco-sustainability movement. Addictions pet food sources are only from New Zealand and Australia and are carefully chosen to ensure that their products adhere to their eco-friendly philosophy.

8 Reasons Why Addiction is The Only Choice for You & Your Deserving Pet

1. High Protein Source
Addiction delivers 50% more protein than most canned pet foods and they contain no fillers or meat by-products.

2. Improves Skin and Coat Health
Remarkably rich in Omega 3 and 6 Unsaturated fatty acids, Addiction is beneficial in the treatment of allergies and skin conditions.

3. Wholesome Nutrition, Naturally Balanced
Nutritionally complete with added Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin K.

4. Irresistible Taste
Appeals even to the most fussy eater.

5. Holistic & Hypoallergenic
Free from chemicals, GMO, artificial flavours, preservatives and gluten.

6. Premium Protein
Made from game meat, Addiction is an alternative hypoallergenic protein source that Veterinarians recommend for cats and dogs with food allergies.

7. Made in New Zealand guarantees
Free from Mad-cow and Foot and Mouth disease.

8. Meets & Exceeds AAFCO International Standards

Here are our mouthwatering flavors that even the most finicky & discerning pet will enjoy!


Picture 11

Picture 18

Venison Meaty Bites Treats 4 oz. Bag

Chicken Meaty Bites 4 oz. Bag







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