New Chicken Breast Fillets

After 8 months of searching we have found (what we think are) the only Chicken Breast Fillets for dogs that are made outside of China.  The current fillets that we carry and will continue to carry are extremely high quality, but we have had a lot of requests from customers to find an alternative or complimentary manufacturer that is not located in China.  These new chicken fillets are single ingredient (just chicken breast) and are made in Brazil.  These should be considered dog treats for large or small dogs and are sure to be a favorite!

As is typically the case, because these are made in South America they are more expensive.  They come in a re-sealable zip top pouch in 8oz bags.  We are sure that you will appreciate the quality of this product.

We will continue to offer our existing chicken fillets because they are an exceptional value and have never had any issue with the manufacturer, which is an extremely large dog treat and chew manufacturer.