Lamb Tripe Chips

This is the second release in our all natural lamb product release and we hope it lives up to the hype! We are proud to be the ONLY place to get these all natural lamb tripe chips. They are approximately 3×5″ pieces of lamb tripe that have been dried to make them into the perfect dog treat/chew. The chips are white/off-white in color and would be a great treat for dogs over 30 lbs. and a chew for dogs under 30 lbs.

Tripe is an excellent source of protein, omega 3’s & 6’s, and is also high in many other vitamins and minerals. Those of you who feed raw probably already know tripe well. Tripe given on a regular basis will also improve a dog’s skin and coat! These chips are from USDA approved free range lamb and are made in the United States. They are gently washed in water to get some of the stomach debris off of them, which is the difference between our tripe chips and typical green tripe.  This also causes them to be low in odor….which is something that is unique to our tripe chips.

As with our other all natural lamb products, these are single ingredient and have no preservatives or chemicals added to them whatsoever. Make sure to give these and the lamb weasands a try, and stay tuned for the next lamb product release which will be in less than one week! Also, be sure to check out our growing selection of all natural dog treats and dog chews.