Lamb Dog Treat Sampler Pack

This sampler pack is a great way for you to try all of the new and exciting all natural lamb dog treats and chews that we are carrying.  In each sample pack we are including 1 lamb weasand, 2 lamb tracheas, 2 lamb ears, 2 lamb tripe chips, 1 lamb heart, and 2 lamb pizzle twists. 

Lamb ears are a great dog chew that are low in fat like cow ears.  Lamb pizzles twists are the lamb equivalent of the bully stick only much much smaller.  Lamb tripe chips are high in protein and low in fat.  Lamb hearts are very high in taurine and protein.  Lamb trachea are just like our beef trachea only a bit smaller.  Lastly, lamb weasands are probably our most popular seller and are sure to please any dog! 

All of these lamb dog treats are all natural, have no preservatives, are made in the United States, and are produced in a USDA approved facility.  We can assure you that these are some of the highest quality dog treats/chews that you will be able to find anywhere!