Knotted Bully Stick Bone

This is a new and extremely long lasting dog bone.  We took a bully stick piece that was about 18″ in length and knotted it at both ends.  This becomes a “monster chew” , and will definitely last a while.  Each finished bone is between 7-9″ in length and the knots on each end are 3″ wide by 3″ tall.  Not only is this sure to be a hit, because it is a bully stick, but for all of you parents who want a little extra free time, this is a great option.   Just like our other bully sticks, these are from free range, grass fed bulls and have a very low odor.  They are sure to be a hit, plus are a little extra exciting because it will definitely be a challenge for your pooch to unwind the knot.

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