Is Rawhide Safe For Dogs

We are often asked why we do not carry rawhide on the website.  The answer to this question is very easy.  Although rawhide is reasonably priced and accessible, it is not safe for dogs!  We can not tell you how many customers of ours started buying bully sticks from us because at one time or another they ended up in the animal hospital. The reasons varied from dogs that had choked on rawhide or got a piece lodged in their body somewhere and needed to be operated on.


Rawhide is made of the hide (skin) of animals, much like the shoes we wear.  Unlike bully sticks, rawhide is not digestible.  This means that if your dog swallows a piece of rawhide (like all of them do), you are taking a chance that that rawhide could sit in their body undigested until it makes its way through their body to be passed.  In addition, rawhide expands at an alarming rate which is why dogs may not have problems when they initially swallow a piece but several hours later after it expands the symptoms present themselves.  To test this for yourself place a piece of pressed on regular rawhide in a bowl of water for a day or two and watch what happens!


In addition, rawhide is typically bleached to rid it of any odors and make it aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  One question comes to mind:  Would we eat anything ourselves that has been bleached?  There are several alternatives to rawhide that will still consume your dog’s time and keep them entertained without the risks associated with rawhide.  Bully Sticks are often called the rawhide alternative and are not only natural, but 100% digestible.  There are also some great other treats including trachea, tendons, Sam’s Yams, and others which will offer similar characteristics to rawhide, but will give you piece of mind that you are giving your dog a safe treat.