dogsmeetingDo you currently have a dog or cat but dying to add an extra edition to your furry fun,  loving pack? Just keep in mind that even though you might be excited about the idea of a new family member your current dog may not initially wag with joyous approval. When your dog has gotten used to being the only fur kid in the house who could blame him. With your current dog being the center of attention it can be difficult to introduce a new one to the mix. Before you expect your resident dog to take out the welcome mat a proper introduction is in order so there is a smooth transition for everyone.  Remember in the canine world hierarchy is everything, so your current dog may easily feel threatened by the newbie or left out in the cold. But don’t let this discourage you from opening your heart and home to a furry pet in need. Here are some simple tips to make the meet and greet ( or in this case the meet and sniff) a positive, successful and stress free one for all parties involved.

1. Before bringing home a new pet make sure current dog is well-trained and under your control. If not, it will be that much harder to acclimate your dog to a new presence in the home.

2. When first bringing home a new puppy or kitten, it is best to keep the two in separate rooms so cat fights or quarrels do not occur.

3. Have a dog crate can be useful in gaining control over the situation.

4. Let new dog familiarize itself with other pets scent. One trick is to allow new pet to spend time in your dog’s crate before moving it to a separate room.

5. After about a week,  start introducing your dog to the new pet, but be sure to keep it on a leash with the crate nearby in case any sign of aggression is detected.

6. Supervision is key! If both pets are in the same room it is important to parental supervision. The hope is that after a few weeks of getting to know each other that they will be able to co-exist. Until you feel absolutely confident that they will play nice and you can leave them home alone together, supervision or separating them until you arrive back home from your errands is advised.


Best Bully Sticks Announces New Lower Cost Shipping

At Best Bully Sticks, we listen to what our customers are saying and we are constantly trying to create new ways to save you money.  As such, we are proud to announce our newest initiative, which is lower cost shipping.  We are now offering new economy shipping on all of the bully sticks and other pet supplies that you shop with us for.  This means that any package that weighs between 0-10 pounds can now ship for $6.95.  No matter how large the box is, as long as it weighs 10 pounds or less, you qualify to choose our new economy shipping method.  This is one of the most exciting announcements that we have had recently, and we hope that it encourages you to shop with us more frequently.

Economy shipping is an option that can take a little longer to arrive to you than our typical UPS ground which offers a 1-5 business day delivery service.  The new economy shipping option can take between 3-8 business days.  This option is great for folks looking to save a little money and plan their purchases in advance.  You will still receive tracking information on your order delivered via email, the same way you always have.

We hope that you all enjoy this new option and use it to take advantage of all of the new and exciting new products that we are launching on a daily basis.  Our goal is to continue to provide you with healthy, natural, items for your pets, and we will continue working to find the best of best out there to add to our growing catalog.  We are committed to listening to your needs and concerns, so please let us know how we can continue to improve and serve you in the future.

Thank you all so much for your continued business and support!

The Best Bully Sticks Team

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