Some dogs live to eat, while others stick their snouts up at the days fare. Do you live with a picky eater? Perhaps your once hearty eater has lost interest in the food they love and has turned into a food snob. But maybe there is underlining health issue that needs addressed. Here are some reasons why your dog may have become picky and tips to remedy the situation.

1. Keep the food fresh because no one likes expired kibble. If your dog’s food is not properly sealed, it can go stale or even spoil so seal in a tight container for freshness.  Also, make sure the food in your dog’s bowl is a fresh batch, do not recycle if your dog refuses to eat.

2. Don’t overfeed your dog. Make sure to feed your dog according to the serving size recommended on the bag of dog food. The food should satisfy his hunger, but not leave him  stuffed. The amount of food your dog will need to consume will depend on his size, activity and energy level.

3. Feed your dog on a fixed schedule. Dog’s thrive on routine so feed on time, this will make your dog realize that food is available at certain times of the day. Don’t spoil your dogs appetite with lots of treats.
4. Try feeding your dog in a different type of bowl or dish. Certain materials can impart an unpleasant taste to your dog’s food that may cause your dog to be a picky eater.

5. A brisk walk does the body good. Often times a good, brisk walk or run can work up a dogs appetite.
6. Consistency is key. Don’t give your dog kibble 100 percent of the time, then introduce a bit of human food. Introducing human food on and off will only make them crave the taste more. If your dog is use to getting your leftover table scraps (a big no no) then he is likely to turn his snout up at plain old kibble. Would you? So do yourself a favor, stick to feeding your dog kibble so your pet does not become a food snob.
7.  Observe the weather. If it’s really hot out your dog may just not have much of an appetite.

8. Cut back on serving size. Cutting the amount of dog food you serve may prompt a finicky dog to eat.

9. Mix canned food and kibble. Spicing up your dogs kibble with new taste and flavors may be what the doctor ordered. You can add a bit of water or beef stock to the food and see if that helps. Another tip is to warm the canned food up to about body temperature and see if that makes it more palatable. Often times the smell of warmed canned food can perch up a dogs appetite.

10. Monitor your dogs weight & appearance. Examine your dog to see if his weight and general appearance has changed. Make sure to be aware if your dog is drinking a lot more water, urinating more often, and eating less, this could be a sign of illness. Also, give your dog an at home dental check up, perhaps your dogs teeth & gum’s are affecting their eating habits. If you suspect illness make sure you seek vet help ASAP!


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