dogsnoreIs your dog keeping you up all night with his restless snoring? All that snoring and lack of a good nights sleep is leaving you both grumpy, tired and having people call you Mr. Grouchy Pants. Snoring occurs when their is an obstruction in the nasal passage or nostrils that causes airway constriction. It’s time to retire those earplugs and get to the root of the problem. Here are few reasons why dog’s snore and tips on how to remedy the situation so you both can get your beauty sleep.

Why Do Dogs Snore?

1. Obesity. Overweight or obese dog’s have a higher risk of suffering from excessive snoring. They tend to have excess tissue in their throat which causes the obstruction that blocks the airways.

2. Allergies. Allergens like pollen, dust and smoke are a leading cause of nasal allergies.  As a result the mucus blocks the nostrils and causes heavy breathing.

3. Breed Specific. Certain dog breeds are predisposed to snoring such as Pekinese, Pugs, Boston Terriers. Dogs with short, narrow nostrils have to work harder to breathe than most other dogs. These breeds are known to snore as their windpipe flattens which makes it difficult to breathe.

4. Second-hand Smoke. Tobacco smoke is a big irritant that can cause your dog to snore. If you want your dog to quit snoring then you will need to put down the pack or take it outside. Make your home a smoke free environment.

5. Sickness. If your pet is battling a cold & stuffy nose then he might snore in his sleep until his nostrils are clear.


Tips on How to Stop Your Dog From Snoring

1. Clear the Air. If allergens is the culprit make sure you clean your dogs bedding every day. Take your dog on walks and outdoors when the pollen levels are low. Vacuum & dust regularly to rid your home of dust mites that may lurk under your couch,  rug and curtains.

2. Diet & Exercise. Get your dog up off the couch and outdoors for a good romp and play. Regular exercise will reduce your dogs weight, get you both in shape but and get the snoring problem under control.

3. Get a Snout job. Often times if snoring persist a vet checkup may be in order. Often times a small nasal surgery may be conducted on breeds predisposed to snoring during puppy years.

4. Purchase a Round Bed. Try to change the way your dog sleeps by either changing his bed or his sleeping posture. Dog’s snore when they lie on their backs. By using a round, snug bed you will force the dog to sleep in a curled up position.

5. Prop up Your Dogs Head with a Pillow. Use pillow to elevate your dogs head which may help to reduce your dogs snoring not to mention the number of times you awaken tossing and turning in the night.

6. No Smoking Zone. Second hand smoke  not only affects the health and well being of children but pets also. Avoid smoking next to your dog. Keep him in a smoke free environment.

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