old dog blue truckWith old age comes achy joint, stiffness & pain which can be debilitating. Arthritis, is a degenerative disease causing inflammation of joints. It occurs when the lubrication and cartilage in ones joints is no longer sufficient to keep the joint moving smoothly, the bones may come into contact with each other and cause mild to excruciating pain.

Did you know…. like humans, pets can also suffer from arthritis preventing them from walking and running normally? Arthritis can cause swelling, stiffness, pain and discomfort which leads to weakened mobility taking away your pets gusto for life. Older pets are much more prone to arthritis, but younger pets can also experience joint problems, making prevention even more important.  Here are a few preventive steps & care tips you can do at home to make your arthritic pet feel more comfortable and breathe life back into your furry friend.

1. Help Your Hound Shed Pounds– If your pet is overweight or inactive then they have a higher risk of suffering from joint pain.  Keeping your dog slim, trim & fit will help reduce the amount of stress extra weight can place on the joints giving your pet some joint pain relief. So, cut back on your pets treat intake, do away with the table scrap diet and switch to low calorie pet food with less fat and more fiber.

2. Exercise is key! Regular exercise helps keep arthritis under control.  Taking your dog for a 20 minute brisk walk several times a day will work wonders.  If your  dog is unable to do a 20 minute walk, try shorter walks up and down a small incline/hill.

3. Let Dog Sleep Indoors- Cold and damp places can cause your pets joints to hurt. So, make sure to bring your dog inside at night, and give him a warm, soft place to flop away from drafty doors & windows.

4. Make Feeding Time Easier- Often times pets with arthritic stiff neck can  have a difficult time eating. For more convenience, place your pets food and water bowls up off the floor so he or she doesn’t have to lower head as much during mealtime. Better yet you can purchase raised feeding bowls.

5. Lend Your Climbing Pet a Helping Paw – Arthritic pets often have a hard time with mobility making jumping up & down and climbing stairs quite a painful task. Installing a ramp will help assist your pet in getting around and help your pet maintain some independence.

6. Give Your dog a joint supplement. The best thing to do for prevention is to give your pet an effective dog joint supplement that contains  glucosamine and other proven ingredients. Glucosamine has been proven effective in reducing inflammation and lessening your dogs joint pain.

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