Dog-MedicineGetting your fussy dog to cooperate and swallow his medicine can be quite a challenge and often unpleasant for both you and your dog. Sometimes all its take to get your dog to open wide and swallow is an enticing incentive like a good treat. Here are a few simple easy tips to help make medicating your pup a breeze.

1. Mix the dogs medication with his food. This trick works very well if the medicine is liquid.  Be sure to supervise the dog so that you know the pill was eaten & not spit up. You can also add some chicken broth to your dogs meal to disguise the pill taste.

2. Tilt dogs head to swallow. If the dog medication is a pill or capsule place the medication on the very back of your dog’s tongue. Gently open your mouth, close the dog’s muzzle and hold it closed with one hand. Tilt the dog’s head back (so the muzzle is elevated) and softly stroke the throat. This should invoke the swallowing reflex. Look inside the mouth after-wards though to make sure the dog medication went down.

3. Hide pill in food or treat. Put the dog medication in some cheese or better yet peanut butter. Place the peanut butter on the inside roof of the dog’s mouth. Make sure your dog eat and swallows the peanut butter & pill.

4. Praise & reward good behavior with a treat. Offer your dog a treat immediately after putting the pill in his mouth. This will help them positively associate pill taking with receiving a rewarding treat.

5. Crush the pill. Ask your vet if you are allowed to crush the pill and mix it with peanut butter or your dogs favorite food or snake time treat like low fat cottage cheese.

6. Still having troubles? Call for reinforcement of a friend, family or seek the help of a well trained vet to help you administer your dogs medication.

Always double check with your vet to make sure your pets specific medication is suppose to be taken with or without food, follow your vets instructions carefully.


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