Yes, your dog is cute. But how cool would it be to give your dog a high-five?! “Good Boy, Fido!” followed by a head pat can quickly become “Good Boy, Fido! High-Five” followed by interspecies coolness. What’s more awesome than that? knows once your dog has mastered standard training commands and a few tricks, your dog will not only be the cutest and best behaved at the dog park, but the most talented as well! 

Teaching the High-Five Trick

Need: Training Treats, Training Treat Pouch & a Clicker

If you’re not familiar with clicker dog training, read up on it here. Also, your dog must have the “sit” command mastered before teaching this trick.

Step 1
Have your dog sit in front of you. Place a desirable treat in your hand and make a fist. Let your dog sniff your hand to let them know the treat is there. Move the hand with the hidden treat above your dog’s head, just out of reach. Have the clicker ready in your other hand.

Step 2
Watch your dog’s paws. As soon as your dog lifts one or both paws and touches your hand, click and then reward from your treat pouch, not with the treat in your hand. Keep clicking and treating for paw touches until it is consistent.

Step 3
Once paw touching to your fist is consistent, take the treat out of your hand. Begin showing your dog an open palm in front of and above their head as if you were going to give them a high-five. Click and treat for each time your dog touches a paw to your hand.

Step 4
When your dog is consistently touching your open palm with a paw, add the verbal command “High-Five.” Begin saying “High-Five” then placing your open palm in front of your dog. Click and treat each time your dog successfully follows this pattern.

Step 5
Once our dog is consistent with touching your open palm after the command “High-Five” start slacking off with the treats. Be sure to practice your dog’s new trick and always be sure to give your dog lots of praise!

Happy National Train Your Dog Month! Does your dog know any neat tricks? Share your dog’s tricks and your training tips in the comments section below!

Train responsibly. Every pet is different and each training technique may have to be tweaked for every dog. is only providing general information and cannot be held liable for any activities that occurring during the actual training session.