Healing Pets Naturally: Treatibles CBD Dog Treats

Best Bully Sticks recently added a exciting new line of dog treats to our website: Treatibles CBD dog treats. This guest post is written by Treatibles expert, Marjorie Fischer.

Maddy Treatibles ambassadorIn 2010 my sister got her second child, a gorgeous spotted Australian Shepherd named Matilda, or Maddy as she became known. Maddy has soft fluffy hair, bright wise eyes, and protects all of us like we are her cubs. She has hilarious tendencies like climbing on top of the couch to watch birds like a cat and attempting to make friends with squirrels in the backyard instead of chasing them.

Right away we noticed that she couldn’t stand to be left alone. She would vacillate between aggression and anxiety sometimes tearing up the house and obsessively running up and down the stairs till she limped or howling and crying for hours on end by the door. All reported by the not so happy neighbors. It was torture to leave her, especially if you were the last one out.  She would try sticking her nose and paws in between the door to stop you. When our company started making Treatibles pet treats infused with CBD, I knew Maddy could benefit and hoped the treats would calm the anxiety in poor Maddy, and therefore my sister too.

Tons of dogs suffer from similar separation anxiety just like Maddy does. Every time their human companions leave the house, they panic and become inconsolable, causing anxiety in both the animals and their owners. Dogs also have lots of situational anxiety that comes out as a result of an event or trip. Riding in the car, going to the vet or groomer, meeting and playing with other dogs, introducing a new child or animal into the house, having company over, or just simply turning on the vacuum or hearing a doorbell can cause anxiety in our beloved animals. 

After using the first dose of Treatibles on Maddy all the anxiety disappeared and when we went to leave the house she was calmly sitting on the couch looking out at the birds and all we got was a loving glance before walking out. This continued and has to this day and now the anxiety my sister used to be riddled with all day at work is gone, just like Maddy’s. Both of them can now feel comfortable and calm through out the day when they are apart and enjoy less clinginess when they are together.  It’s been transformative for the whole family, and the neighbors too.

We know when your animal is suffering, you are too, which is why having a solution that brings benefit to your animals in turn helps harmonize the whole family.

Treatibles 2 kinds

The most important and beneficial ingredient in Treatibles pet treats is CBD.  CBD (cannbidiol) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid or compound that is found in the hemp plant and provides a broad spectrum of benefits to animals including relief from anxiety, panic, and trauma. It also helps create balance, calm, and increased vitality.

Every animal except insects has an endocannabinoid system spread throughout the body. From the tips of the ears, throughout the brain, body, paws, and tail these receptors form a network.  Our bodies and animals’ bodies produce small amounts of these cannabinoids very much like the cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. Therefore, the receptors found throughout the body all respond to these plant phytocannabinoids when they enter the body just as they do with our bodies’ natural cannabinoids. The phytocannabinoids communicate with the endocannabinoid system when they enter the body and bind to the receptors that need them most and thus cause the broad range of beneficial results experienced. The endocannabinoid system also helps to regulate all homeostatic functions. Without homeostasis, our feedback mechanisms stop working which results in disease, inflammation, autoimmune disease, epilepsy, stress, anxiety, and all states of imbalance.

Often in disease states, or varies states of imbalance, our bodies need assistance with this regulation and need help outside of the body. Plant phytocannabinoids like CBD are a healthy, nontoxic way to assist this process by supporting any level of acute or chronic disease and imbalance in the body of a human or animal.

treatibles offered in handAt Treatibles, we genuinely care about the health and wellbeing of your animals and are animal owners ourselves. We created a product that not only provides these benefits from CBD but is also delicious and easy to administer. We all know how challenging and anxiety inducing giving medicine to our animals can be for everyone. This is why we crafted recipes for our pumpkin and blueberry treats that would taste so amazing that animals would be thrilled and excited to eat the treats. They are made with whole foods and are vegan, gluten free, free of preservatives, and human grade. We only want to feed our animals the same nutritious foods we would eat ourselves.

The treats come in two sizes, small for animals up to 50lbs and large for animals’ 50lbs or more. Maddy weighs about 60lbs, so we give her 2 ½ large treats twice a day, which is the perfect amount for her. Serving instructions are in detail on the bag for you.

Our products are triple lab tested and made with a lot of love. We hope you will give them a try for your animal companion today. Please also visit our website Treatibles.com for more extensive information on CBD, cannabinoids, and our products.

  Wishing you and your animals harmony, happiness, and good health!

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