Greatest American Dog 2/3

We are still following the show and want to catch you all up on it if you haven’t been watching. In episode 2 Elvis, David’s dog, gets into a small tiff with Tillman the bulldog. Travis and Presley (the boxer) won the challenge and got to move into the “suite”, and Bella Starlet and Beth got into with the judges over dog clothing. In the end it ended up being Kenji and Elan that got eliminated. As far as I could tell it was mainly due to her being too physical with Kenji and not using good training techniques. JD and the odds on favorite to win “Galaxy” lost their quick challenge early because of a simple mistake, JD, in our opinion did not take it too well. Travis ended up sending JD to the doghouse and we felt that it was fitting.

In episode 3 the quick challenge was a bit confusing and in our opinion Elvis and David struggled the most. Travis (Presley) and Brandi (Beacon) looked like they were having a tough time of it in the challenge, but ended up being the winners. As winners they were both entitled to “share” the suite but Travis, to Brandi’s surprise, chose to give her and Beacon the room to themselves. They also chose to send Laurie and her dog to the dog house…Laurie appeared to be pretty upset about it and questioned their decision several times. For the final challenge of this episode the teams were split into two teams for a teamwork challenge and Travis’s team ended up being the winner.  In the end the judges decided to send David and Elvis packing.

Stay tuned and we will keep you up to date with the latest news on Greatest American Dog. Also, as always, be sure to check out our large selection of bully sticks and dog treats; which includes our two newest additions (Piggy Snouts & Texas Taffy)!