Do you take a multi-vitamin every morning? Many take these simple, one-step, pills every day to make up for any deficiency in nutrition they’re not getting through diet. Best Bully Sticks knows that ideally diet would provide everything we need to stay healthy, but sometimes our bodies are deficient and need a little help. Supplements, like multi-vitamins or more specific mixtures for joint health, energy or even life-stage, are readily available. We even have whole stores dedicated to supplements!

So, what about your dog? Again, ideally your dog is getting all he needs from his diet, however, dogs like humans sometimes need a little help. Best Bully Sticks knows supplementing nutritional needs can come in healthy, all natural forms. Dog Supplements can ensure that your dog is living the healthiest and best life possible. We’re here to help you sort through a few concerns and questions. 

First Things First
Your vet is going to be able to give you the best insight into your dog’s health. Always check with your vet about the idea of supplementing your dog’s diet with specific supplements. If your vet gives you the go ahead, talk with your vet about the specific ways your dog could benefit from supplements. Is your dog achy? He might need a joint supplement. Itchy skin? Maybe a skin and coat supplement.

Choices, Choices.
Picking the perfect supplement for your dog might seem overwhelming at first, but if your reading this blog, BBS is assuming you’d like to stick to a completely all-natural option.

A word on the term “all-natural”: Best Bully Sticks strives to provide our customers with the healthiest, all-natural, dog-friendly products on the market. The key word we stress is dog friendly. After all, chocolate is all natural, and so are onions and grapes, but we would never suggest these for a dog, because, as you know, they’re not good for a dog. That being said, just because it’s “all-natural” doesn’t mean a particular choice is good for your dog.

A good start in choosing a supplement is knowing what you need. After you’ve pinpointed your dog’s needs consider the ACCLAIM method used by vets.

A: A Name You Recognize
If you don’t recognize the name off hand, then find one you do. A company that is established and provides educational material to vets and customers is a name that is most likely trusted by a large group of people. Best Bully Sticks carries many trusted names in Dog Supplements, and if you don’t specifically know a name in our health supplements line, we’ll vouch for them with our own trusted name.

C: Clinical Experience
A company who has taken the time to research, conduct clinical trials and have published findings and results that are accepted by the medical field most likely produces a product that the veterinary community supports.

C: Contents
It should be a no-brainer, but make sure the ingredients are listed on the packaging. Then make sure there aren’t any crazy ingredients!

L: Label Claims
There are a million and one “miracle drugs” on the market, but most likely they haven’t passed any of the other ACCLAIM checklist points if they have to make grandiose claims. Too good to be true? Probably. Straightforward, honest and real information shouldn’t be showy.

A: Administration Instructions
Does the product list dosage details? Not only should these details be listed clearly, but be easy to follow.  

I: Identification of Lot
Lot numbers show that products have been sent through a quality assurance process and inspected. This number shows the company cares about their product and has standard.

M: Manufacturer Information
If this information isn’t listed on the product itself, then the company should have a legitimate website, address and phone number. Any trusted company has all this and more, including a customer service and support team.

Once you have talked with your vet and assessed the company and the product, try out a supplement. You’ll be able to notice any positive or negative changes in your dog. Supplements are meant to provide great benefits for your dog, so stop use if there are any negative reactions. Some of the most common supplements are used for joints, itchy skin, digestive health and overall wellbeing.

For joint health, Best Bully Sticks offers treats, chews and supplements chock full of
glucosamine and chondroitin. Trachea and gullet treats are rich in these vital nutrients and can help lengthen the life of your dog’s joints. Many of our supplement brands can promote healthy joints such as Animal Naturals, Herbsmith Inc. Soothe Joints Herbal Blends and Organic Pet Superfood Joints.

Cocotherapy Coconut oil is just one of the many products that help improve a dog’s skin and coat. To read more about coconut oil and it’s great health benefits read our “Benefits of Coconut Oil” blog. BBS has a lot of other great skin and coat products such as Organic Pet Superfood Skin and Coat.

For digestive health, try Animals Apawthecary Phytomucil Powder or Fresh Is Best Total Biotics Powder. These help regulate digestive functions and help your dog get the most out of every meal.  

Check out the full line of BBS’s Supplements to find the perfect supplement for your dog!

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