Differences Between Bully Sticks

This is the start of a weekly question and answer section where we hope to expand on typical questions that we get on a daily and weekly basis.  We hope that this information will be found informative and urge you to still contact us if you have any additional questions!

Are all bully sticks created equal?  What are the differences?

The first thing that one should consider when purchasing bully sticks or any other all natural dog treats is the country of origin.  Many ofthe bully sticks found in major pet stores are from India or other parts of the world outside of South America.  The living conditions of livestock in these countries is less than appealing, which is why our bully sticks are from free-range South American cattle.  This cattle is considered “green cattle” because it is not given hormones or fed feed.  This cattle typically grazes freely on open grass fields and grows naturally. For customers who prefer American-made products, we also offer Made in USA bully sticks, sourced from hormone and chemical-free cattle.

We are routinely asked about “odor-free” bully sticks. Bully Sticks are an all-natural beef product and therefore will have some odor to them. Some bully stick manufacturers wash their products in peroxide (bleach) and other unhealthy chemicals to prevent the sticks from having a smell.  Again, we prefer to offer products that are truly all natural; they may have a slight odor.


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