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BBS GIVEAWAY: Cool Summer Product Giveaway

To help you gear up for the First Day & Week of Summer, Best Bully Sticks is giving away products to help your pup beat the heat!

Enter to win Cool Summer Products from BBS like Freezy Pups Frozen Dog Treat Kits, Mr. Barksmith’s Cool Smoothie Treats, Premier Fido Float Life Vest & West Paw Hurley’s! We’ll give away products to one lucky winner each day! Enter on the BBS Blog or Facebook with the PunchTab giveaway! 


Best Bully Sticks Contest Rules & Regulations

Only U.S. Residents are eligible to win contests.

We do not condone cheating. Any suspicious activity will be monitored by contest managers. If we in the least are suspect of any person, we will remove the entry. We reserve the right to remove any derogatory comments. No purchase necessary to win. You must meet the requirements of the contest to be eligible. If you, or an organization you represent has won a Best Bully Sticks contest in the past 6 months, you will not be eligible for any prizes.

Because of Facebook Policy, any comments that appear to be votes and are outside or our PunchTab App on Facebook, will be deleted to comply with Facebook Promotion Guidelines.

Contest begins Tuesday June 19th and ends Friday June 22nd @ 5 pm est.

Best Bully Sticks is the sponsor and administrator of this contest. Best Bully Sticks is located at 1221 Admiral Street, Richmond, VA 23220

How To Enter
1. Sign up with the PunchTab App to qualify for a “Cool Summer Product” from BBS.

2. Enter multiple ways using the PunchTab App to increase your chances.

3. Every day, a BBS contest manager will pick a winner at random to receive summer products from BBS!

Participation & Release

Upon entering the contest, each entrant is releasing their information for use to Best Bully Sticks and is held responsible to Best Bully Sticks contest Rules & Regulations.


Best Bully Sticks Product Spotlight: Real Pork Drumsticks 60% OFF

Another great deal from Best Bully Sticks! These are real pork drumsticks for your dog from Australia! These rose-shaped treats are just as much delicious and they are safe. Australia is known for being a great source of meat products due to the low disease rate. In fact, this source is one of a few that the FDA trusts fully! 

You know how good a drumstick is so be sure to give your dog the same pleasure and feed them a Real Pork Drumstick Rose. This dog treat is blooming with real flavor! 

Available Individual or in a 10 Pack!

Individual Price Originally: $2.79

Individual Sale Price: $1.09  (60% OFF)


BBS Product Spotlight: Nina Ottosson Interactive Dog Toys SALE!

Best Bully Sticks is excited to announce a great sale on a great toy! Nina Ottosson’s toys are a great way to engage and challenge your dog. Best Bully Sticks knows that dogs are extremely bright, resourceful animals and we offer Nina Ottosson toys because we believe dogs need mental stimulation as much as physical stimulation.

These toys take treating to your dog to an intelligent level. Basically, you hide a treat in one of the toys and your dog has to figure out how to reach the treat. This is an exciting way to keep your pooch entertained for hours while you watch them figure out how to get to that hidden prize. The idea is that you and your pooch get to spend some fun and enjoyable time together. You demonstrate. The dog watches, listens and learns. And hopefully… finds those treats!

If you’re interested in these great interactive toys for your dog, now is the time to buy from Best Bully! ALL Nina Ottosson Dog Toys are now 15% OFF!

Check out the full line that includes the Dog Dizzy, Dog Tornado, Dog Twister, Dog Casino and MORE! 

Best Bully Sticks Product Spotlight: Bully Stick Pretzels 15% OFF

Do your dogs love BBS‘s bully sticks?! Why not make it a little more enjoyable and a little more challenging! Our Bully Stick Pretzels are now 15% OFF! 

“These Bully Stick Pretzels are a 12-14″ bully stick twisted into the shape of a pretzel. The pretzel is about 4″ to 5″ across and 3″ high. These bully stick pretzels are great for all dogs, big and small. Sure to be a novelty that does not hang around long, we are sure that your dogs will enjoy them! 

Although these Bully Stick Pretzels will not last as long as a standard 12″ bully stick, they provide variety for your pooch which will help to keep them interested and excited for a longer period of time. 

We use exclusively FREE-RANGE grass fed cattle in our Best Bully Sticks natural beef dog treats and dog chews. We believe that cattle should be free range and graze on grass rather than be cooped up in feedlots. In our opinion, this makes for a higher quality product the way that nature intended.”

BBS is giving you 15% off individuals, 25, 50 & 100 packs of Bully Stick Pretzels

Best Bully Sticks Product Spotlight: Gullet Cookie Dog Treats!

Today, Best Bully Sticks brings you delicious Dried Bovine Gullet Cookies for Dogs

These are rectangular shaped pieces of dried bovine gullet, that are rich in Chondroitin, which helps dogs with joint health. They are also packed full of tasty flavor too!  As with all of our dog treats, they are all natural and come free grass fed cattle. 

Available in 1 lb, 2 lb, and 5 lb bags! FREE SHIPPING when you order this great product spotlight!

This deal will only last as long as we have supply, so act now!

1 lb Bag NOW ONLY: $15.44 

BBS Product Spotlight: All Zuke’s Now 25% Off!

This week, Best Bully Sticks brings you a TON of great saving rolled into one with our ENTIRE Zuke’s line of products. Zuke’s Mini’s, Jerky Naturals, Power Bones and Z-Fillets are all on sale!

Zuke’s all natural dog treats are made in the US from the finest of ingredients. They are all fortified with essential vitamins and minerals come in stay fresh bags! AND NOW, they’re an even better price!

“Zuke’s is a company devoted to making healthy, affordable treats and chews using top-quality ingredients and formulas that reflect the latest scientific developments in animal wellness and nutrition. Zuke’s dog treats are made with care and are inspired by the unconditional love we receive from our pets as well as our crew’s devotion to an active, outdoor lifestyle.”


BBS Product Spotlight: 5″ Beef Lung Logs!

Best Bully Sticks has one of it’s best treats on SALE! Beef Lung Logs are made from 100% All Natural Grass-fed Argentinian Angus Beef and come in a 3.75 ounce bag (three to four treats come in a bag depending on weight).  And as always, there are no preservatives and these treats are high in protein and low in fat. For small dogs, this chew can be broken up and large dogs can take the whole thing! And remember, you get free shipping with product spotlight orders!

Originally: $12.99

SALE: $6.49

Best Bully Sticks Product Spotlight – Pig Ears!

Best Bully Sticks is all ears this week with our product spotlight! Pig ears have been around forever and dogs love them. They are a great way to encourage positive chewing habits and are long lasting. Oven baked and made in the U.S., these are whole dried pig ears and, of course, high quality! All of our pig ears packs are on sale this week and this item ships free! Remember you also can get an extra 8% off on items with regular delivery! Check out BBS’s delivery options under the “Deliver Every” drop down box.

Vicky says “My 1 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier (aka staffy/bully)is OBSESSED with these ears!!! She knows where I stock them and after her morning walk, she’ll stare at the container wagging her tail furiously. Won’t budge until she gets an ear! No one beats BBS treats.”

Originally: 23.47

NOW: 22.30!



Product Spotlight: 1lb Bag Bully Stick Tips!

This week Best Bully Sticks has a GREAT deal on a 1 lb pound bag of bully stick tips!

This is an all natural dog chew and is made from free-ranging grass-fed cattle! This one pound bag of 3-5 inches of bully sticks are perfect for smaller size dogs or great for training treats. Larger size dogs can make a snack out of this dog chew. However you use them, we know your dogs will love this variety of bully sticks!! As always bully sticks are a great source of protein, low in fat and are very beneficial to your dog’s teeth and gums. Buy now before this great deal is gone!

Originally: $13.99

Now: $7.99



Product Spotlight on 18 inch Bully Sticks!

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18 Inch Bully Sticks blowout sale today only!
18 Inch Bully Sticks blowout sale today only!
Win Bully Sticks for a Year Contest! - Upload a video of your dog using our products, and you could win!

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