Bully Stick Frisbee

Wow, is all we can really say about this product.  We are the only place on the net or in stores to find this new and exciting interactive dog chew.  These bully stick rings are a full 7″ in internal diameter.  These rings can be used for tug-o-war or playing a game of catch with your dogs.  The only problem with these rings is that once you throw it to your dog it will likely not be coming back.

This is the start of some interactive dog chews that we plan on releasing in the second half of 2008 which will all be exclusive items to Best Bully Sticks.  This all started with one of our customers suggesting we manufacture some items that owners and their dogs could use together.  This is an ideal product for being able to enjoy spending time with your dog and their favorite treat/chew.

Please stay up to date with our blog as this is where all of our new product releases will be announced.  As always, thank you for your business and be sure to check out our ever growing list of dog chews and treats.