Best Bully Sticks is dedicated to all dogs, especially those that don’t having loving owners.  That’s why BBS supports every rescue and shelter we can each month through rescue contests, giveaways and donations. A couple weeks ago, Baltimore Bully Crew won a one-day contest, the prize being BBS product, worth over $300. BBC founded only two years ago, but they are already making a difference in the protection and perception of pit bulls and pit bull mixes in Baltimore. 

Kate & Eric Vocke are the couple behind BBC. Kate told Best Bully Sticks that the signs were hard to ignore—Baltimore needed a bully rescue.

“Eric and I started Baltimore Bully Crew in June 2010 after finding a dog tied to a pole with a note stapled to him that said, I will not fight and am worthless.  We took him home and tried to find a rescue group to help us find a home.  We were very unsuccessful in getting any response from any group and thought this is terrible.  What will we do with this dog?  We made a connection at Baltimore Humane Society who helped us get the dog in there and he was adopted very quickly.  But seeing all the trouble it was to find a group that would respond and help pit bulls in need in Baltimore, we decided we would do it.  Baltimore Bully Crew was formed to promote awareness of animal abuse and overpopulation in our city and work to make a difference in the media image of pit bulls.”

Since 2010, BBC has worked to create programs that not only promote healthy treatment of pit bulls, but also a healthy perception of this great breed. Turn in the Chains is a BBC program that informs pit bull owners of the negative perception that chain collars and leashes on pit bulls. This program trades these owners with the appropriate leash and collar equipment in exchange for the chains. 

“Many people are quite responsive.  Most do not know any different.  A huge goal and objective of Bully Crew is education.  We turn in all the metal to a recycling facility for cash to be used towards the rescue.  We are always in need of donations of leashes and collars that are pit bull strong and durable.”

Another of BBC’s programs is JR Bully Crew, which supports the education of the community, especially a young audience, about animal abuse and how to fight against it.

“This part of our program is for youth to become actively involved in abuse awareness and educating their friends and family about it.  It helps promote responsibility, patience and compassion in the youth. They come to events and go to local facilities to walk, care for and play with dogs in our rehabilitation and rescue program.”

BBC is a small rescue, but they do what they can, and they’ve had successes.

“We are really only a 2 person team, a determined husband and wife.   We have volunteers but not near the organized help we need now a days.  We respond to 85-90% of all messages we receive within 72 hours.  Even if it is to say we cannot help, we try to reply to everything.”

BBC’s greatest success just might be the bully that won the Vocke’s hearts over and has become the rescue’s mascot.

“Peyton came from a dog fighting bust here in Baltimore in December 2010.  When he was found, he was 27 lbs.  He went to our local shelter where he was taken to a vet due to his health.  He had a condition called babesia and it was slowly killing him.  We took over his care and he had three blood transfusions and months of daily medication and Injections.  Finally, in May 2011, the babesia was in remission.  He had gained weight and gotten color back all over.  His fur was getting thicker and the scars were starting to heal with white hairs.  He was in medical foster with us from January 2011 to June 2011 when we decided to adopt him.  He needs to be monitored daily for possible recurring babesia and we knew no one could watch him as well as us.  He is now our mascot, he goes to all our events and is a superstar with all people, children and other dogs.”

BBC is always in need of donations, whether they be monetary or in the form of treats, food, leashes and other dog supplies.

The BBC is still hard at work in Baltimore, making a difference in the lives of bully breeds all over the city. For Kate, the most rewarding part of running BBC may be the stronger bond pit bulls have created between she and Eric. 

“It brings Eric and I together for a greater purpose.  We also LOVE finding the perfect home for an adopter.  We do not rush to get dogs placed, we wait until we have a good fit.  But when we find it and see them all together months later doing amazing and the adopters are so happy with their new family member, that is a great feeling.  But not much compares to educating someone about pit bulls and getting them to change their perspective on pit bulls and realize a lot of what the media tells them is not true.”

Best Bully Sticks wishes Baltimore Bully Crew all the best. If you would like more information about this rescue visit their website,, or on Facebook, If you want to make donations of any sort, you can find a PayPal link on BBC’s website or ship other items to PO Box 10289, Baltimore, MD 21234.