Best Bully Sticks Product Spotlight – Pig Ears!

Best Bully Sticks is all ears this week with our product spotlight! Pig ears have been around forever and dogs love them. They are a great way to encourage positive chewing habits and are long lasting. Oven baked and made in the U.S., these are whole dried pig ears and, of course, high quality! All of our pig ears packs are on sale this week and this item ships free! Remember you also can get an extra 8% off on items with regular delivery! Check out BBS’s delivery options under the “Deliver Every” drop down box.

Vicky says “My 1 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier (aka staffy/bully)is OBSESSED with these ears!!! She knows where I stock them and after her morning walk, she’ll stare at the container wagging her tail furiously. Won’t budge until she gets an ear! No one beats BBS treats.”

Originally: 23.47

NOW: 22.30!



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