Best Bully Sticks Product Spotlight: Bully Stick Pretzels 15% OFF

Do your dogs love BBS‘s bully sticks?! Why not make it a little more enjoyable and a little more challenging! Our Bully Stick Pretzels are now 15% OFF! 

“These Bully Stick Pretzels are a 12-14″ bully stick twisted into the shape of a pretzel. The pretzel is about 4″ to 5″ across and 3″ high. These bully stick pretzels are great for all dogs, big and small. Sure to be a novelty that does not hang around long, we are sure that your dogs will enjoy them! 

Although these Bully Stick Pretzels will not last as long as a standard 12″ bully stick, they provide variety for your pooch which will help to keep them interested and excited for a longer period of time. 

We use exclusively FREE-RANGE grass fed cattle in our Best Bully Sticks natural beef dog treats and dog chews. We believe that cattle should be free range and graze on grass rather than be cooped up in feedlots. In our opinion, this makes for a higher quality product the way that nature intended.”

BBS is giving you 15% off individuals, 25, 50 & 100 packs of Bully Stick Pretzels

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