Best Bully Sticks Launches Tripett Dog Food is proud to launch our first line of dog food. Tripett is one of our dogs favorites and it has great nutritional benefits to offer. Tripe contains the partially digested grains and grasses that the specific animal source has eaten. As carnivores, dogs and cats cannot convert vegetation into nutrients within their own stomach. However, when they eat tripe, they receive these nutrients that have been already processed naturally by the animals stomach system. Also present within the stomach lining are natural gastric juices, amino acids and other digestive enzymes not found in other pet food. These gastric juices and enzymes aid pets in digestion to efficiently utilize food for maximum nutrition. Amino acids are necessary for muscular development and other gastric juices are excellent cleaners for teeth.

Tripett is 100% natural and contains no additives, preservatives, fillers or artificial ingredients. This food is pure meat, and is all made in the United States!

Tripett comes in four different exciting flavors, Green Beef Tripe, New Zealand Lamb Tripe, New Zealand Venison Tripe, and Beef, Duck and Salmon Tripe. Each have exciting benefits to offer, so look at each product description for specific details. Each can is 13.2 ounces and not designed as a food replacement, but as a nutritional food topper!