If you really want to love someone, you get to know them. You learn their habits, their strange tendencies, their likes and dislikes and you share the same with them. The same is true for loving a dog and Cushing Animal Rescue Team in Oklahoma applies these same simple theories to rescue, rehabilitate and home animals in need. Kathy, founder of CART shared more about their mission, experiences and success stories with BestBullySticks.com. Read on to learn more about Cushing Animal Rescue Team.

Cushing Animal Rescue Team was formed from a childhood dream. Always an animal lover, I swore several times when I was old enough and had property to keep them on I would help animals in need. After volunteering for other organizations, learning about how they run, and familiarizing myself with laws I filed for non profit status in April and Cushing Animal Rescue Team, Inc was granted a certificate by the state of Oklahoma to operate on May 8th, 2012.

When I formed the rescue my intentions were that I would not simply recycle dogs. When we bring an animal in, we spend a tremendous amount of time with them socializing, training and finding out what makes them tick. When they go on the adoption list we tell all we know about the animal with complete honesty to get the best match on a forever home for the family and animal. We review adopters via application, conversation, and if necessary a few visits prior to approving the adoption. We feel that by being thorough in the beginning process gives the family time to really consider the commitment we expect them to make to the lifetime of the animal, and more likely for the animal to stay in a forever home.

We have been very fortunate to get responsible, animal loving people to adopt our animals. One of the greatest adoptions we have had to date is that of Brian, a Belgian Shepherd/Aussie mix. Brian was in rescue for over six months after being picked up by animal control as a stray. I believe he had been loved by someone before as he was very social and already neutered. However, no owner came forward for Brian and he was placed up for adoption. Brian is very high drive, energetic and demanding. I understood the behaviors and his need for stimulation. Brian is the type of dog that ends up in shelters everyday because a lot of folks do not understand the high drive behaviors and don’t have time to give these demanding animals what they need. I worked with Brian myself and invested in obedience training for him. Several people came to look at Brian and decided he was too much, and I turned several people down to adopt Brian. Finally, a young woman named Stormee contacted me about Brian. We went through the initial application process and visited. Stormee is young, but very knowledgeable on her dog behavior and always researching to learn more. She understood my concerns for Brian, but stayed in continuous contact with me about adopting him. During our visit, I was very impressed how she handled her dogs with compassionate discipline. After a month of getting to know Stormee, I decided I had found forever for Brian. Brian’s adoption papers were signed on January 19th and he is blossoming with Stormee and two fur sisters.

That is the part of the reward of rescue when they find that perfect home and we get updates from the families that have adopted our dogs, letting us know how happy they are with their new fur friend. Taking one facing the gas chamber from the pound, working with them, getting them back into shape physically and mentally so that they can find a place that will not put them back in the situation that brought them to rescue in the first place.

CART, INC is more or less, a one woman show, but folks can help by sharing the word about our rescue, visiting our website at cushinganimals.org, and we always need donations. We keep an average of 17-25 dogs on premises. The cost of food and preventatives is overwhelming. We do not adopt an animal out that is any less than as healthy as we can get them, and parasite free. Every animal that comes through our organization is fully vaccinated, altered, heart worm checked (and, treated if necessary) and treated for any other health issues that may be present while the animal is in rescue.

A big thank you to Cushing Animal Rescue Team for all the work they do rescuing, rehabilitating and homing dogs in their area. To find out more about this amazing rescue, visit CART’s Facebook or their website.

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