The next time you take a stroll down the pet aisle at your local grocery store to pick up dog food take a closer look at your store’s offerings. Far too many brands, even the big names touting naturality, are only selling to you and not your dog’s dietary needs. Loaded with grain-based fillers, these products are simply ill-suited for your dog. Don’t worry, BestBullySticks has you covered!

From a biological standpoint, all dogs are scavenging carnivores. There’s no refuting it! From the smallest Yorkie to the biggest Great Dane, your
loved ones need a diet high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Luckily, our friends over at Orijen have come up with a fantastic dry dog food formulated with only the freshest all-natural regional ingredients.

Made from sustainably farmed, fished and ranched meats, Orijen provides not only a healthy alternative to carbohydrate-heavy brands, but an ethical and environmentally responsible one, too! From free-range cattle and chickens to wild-caught fish, Orijen’s foods use only the best ingredients in the region to replicate a natural canine diet. Made from whole foods that arrive for processing daily, Orijen’s products are balanced to an appropriate nutritional ratio of 75-80% Meat, 20-25% Fruits and Vegetables and always 0% Grains. 

Despite being formulated for dogs, Orijen’s products are even classified as “fit for human consumption” by the Canadian Government! We at Best Bully Sticks care about what goes into our pet’s food and are proud to offer an all-natural dog food such as Orijen. Available in a variety of sizes and formulas, you can check out Orijen’s nutritionally sound dog food on They’re even shipped for free!

BestBullySticks will always offer your dog the highest quality dog treats, chews, food and toys for your furry friend. Check out our entire line of bully sticks, dog treats, dog chews and more to find the healthiest and safest alternative for your pooch!

Do you feed your dog grain-free all-natural food? If so, drop us a line below and tell us about the difference it has made in your pet’s well being!