BBS Product Spotlight: Nina Ottosson Interactive Dog Toys SALE!

Best Bully Sticks is excited to announce a great sale on a great toy! Nina Ottosson’s toys are a great way to engage and challenge your dog. Best Bully Sticks knows that dogs are extremely bright, resourceful animals and we offer Nina Ottosson toys because we believe dogs need mental stimulation as much as physical stimulation.

These toys take treating to your dog to an intelligent level. Basically, you hide a treat in one of the toys and your dog has to figure out how to reach the treat. This is an exciting way to keep your pooch entertained for hours while you watch them figure out how to get to that hidden prize. The idea is that you and your pooch get to spend some fun and enjoyable time together. You demonstrate. The dog watches, listens and learns. And hopefully… finds those treats!

If you’re interested in these great interactive toys for your dog, now is the time to buy from Best Bully! ALL Nina Ottosson Dog Toys are now 15% OFF!

Check out the full line that includes the Dog Dizzy, Dog Tornado, Dog Twister, Dog Casino and MORE! 

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