Bravo! Bonus Bites Roasted Venison Liver TreatsBestBullySticks is back to talk about another one of our fantastic dog treats, Bravo! Bonus Bites Roasted Venison Liver Treats! Packed with protein, these all-natural, grass-fed venison treats are Made in the USA and sourced from the finest ingredients around.

The full line of Bravo! Bonus Bites Treats do not contain any grains, preservatives or additives of any kind! Made with only the finest grass-fed meats containing no hormones or antibiotics, Bravo! treats are a healthy and environmentally friendly way to treat your furry friend!

Bravo! Roast Venison Liver Treats are dry roasted which not only helps seal in maximum flavor, but also ensures these single-ingredient treats retain their nutritional value.

Liver is one of the most nutritionally rich foods around — packed with high amounts of vitamins A, B₂ (Riboflavin), B₃ (Niacin), B₁₂ and Iron — it is an essential part of maintaining a healthy canine lifestyle.

A great daily snack and training tool, your pup will love the flavor of these all-natural meat treats!

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