A classy Lassie. Literally. The Collie is a first-class breed that is hardworking, beautiful and a wonderful family pet. If you don’t already know about this wonderful breed, BestBullySticks.com is excited to share this great dog with you! Read more about the Collie in the Breed Spotlight below!

History & Background: Though it’s history is fuzzy, the modern Collie is a descendant of the reliable herding dogs used by Scottish and North English shepherds. The name “Collie” doesn’t have a definitive history either, but it’s thought the original word was “coll,” an Anglo-Saxon word meaning “black”. This breed became interesting to fanciers after the Industrial Revolution and then into a fashionable breed after Queen Victoria owned a Collie. Though the need for the Collie as a working dog died out, there is a revival of using this breed as a working and performance dog in the United States and UK.

The Collie has enjoyed plenty of fame outside of the show ring on the silver screen. Undoubtedly the most famous Collie is Lassie, the star of many tv shows and movies. Multiple dogs played Lassie, the first of which was named Pal and were owned by Rudd Weatherwax.

Height: Males, 22 to 26 inches; Females, 21 to 26 inches

Weight: Males, 45 to 75 pounds; Females 35 to 65 pounds

Coat: The fur coat of this Collie is of particular importance as it helps differentiate from other similar breeds. Sometimes called the Rough Collie, the long, harsh outer coat and highly dense, soft undercoat distinguishes this dog from its closely related Smooth Collie. A Collie’s coat is abundant everywhere except the head and legs and feathering appears on the back of the legs and tail.

Color: There are four standard colors for the Collie including

  • Sable & White: Fawn color varying from light gold to dark mahogany. White markings on chest, neck, legs, feet and tip of the tail.
  • Tri-color: Mostly black with white markings like the Sable & White coloring. Tan shading on head and legs.
  • Blue Merle: A marbled blue/grey coat with black and white markings and tan shading.
  • White: Mostly white with sable, tri or blue merle markings.

Appearance: The overall look of a Collie is that of graceful athleticism with a strong and firm build throughout. The head of the Collie is light and makes the dog look alert at all times. A wedge-shaped head, the Collie sports a very angular profile that tapers to the nose. It is thought the modern day Collie might have gotten its head shape from being breed with Borzoi at some point. The eyebrows are arched and the eyes beneath them are almond-shaped and medium in size. Eyes exude a brightness lending to an intelligent and curious look. The ears also add to this when they’re pricked up. When relaxed, the ears are folded down to the side.

The rest of the body is muscular with well-rounded ribs, sloped shoulders and a deep chest. The back is long and straight. The legs are strong and muscular without being heavy looking. Feet are small and oval. A Collie’s tail is somewhat long and has a slight twist or swirl. It’s carried low when the dog is relaxed and when excited is held high, but not over the back.

Temperament: Highly intelligent and easy to train, the Collie is a loyal, protective and all around sweet companion. They are great in family settings, bonding with all family members including children. Collies are very energetic and need plenty of time outdoors. Because of its background as a herding dog, a Collie might try to herd family members. This should be gently discouraged, as the Collie is particularly sensitive dog.

Health & Grooming: Collies are an overall healthy breed. These dogs can be prone to eye, hip and joint problems. This breed is very sensitive to the sun and sunscreen might need to be used on their nose when outdoors.

One of the functions of a Collie’s coat is to shed dirt and debris, though the coat should be brushed weekly to keep it in good condition. If mats form, they should be cut out as opposed to combed out. Bathe or use dry shampoo when needed. This breed of Collie sheds twice a year.

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