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Rescue Dogs, Then and Now: Ruby Jean of K9 ResQ of Alabama

Ruby Alabama tornado_sm
In 2012, an adorable pittie named Ruby Jean was entered into one of our charity rescue dogs contests. This girl is a survivor!

Here is her story:

“Ruby was found at a home completely destroyed by the catastrophic April 27, 2011 tornadoes in Alabama. She was severely emaciated and so hungry she had resorted to eating road kill. She is blind in one eye and has a bum paw as a result of an (old) untreated injury. She is thriving in her awesome foster home where she’s made new 2 and 4 legged friends. She keeps everyone laughing with silly antics! Her future is so bright it sparkles…like a RUBY!”

We contacted K9 ResQof Alabama to see how Ruby Jean has been doing the last few years!

Ruby 20151


They said, “Ruby Jean has been adopted by a wonderful family!  She is spoiled rotten and her larger than life personality shines.  She has her very own FaceBook page where she often talks about life on the “RJC” (Ruby Jean Compound).  She is comical and heart-warming at the same time.”

Her owner, Gina, added “RJ (Ruby Jean) is a foster failure– after a year or more of fostering her, we knew she was family!”


Best Bully Sticks loves heartwarming rescue stories like Ruby Jean’s!

Follow us on Facebook to learn more about our Charity Contests and other Contests. We have one that just started February 4, 2016!

Tasty, Healthy, Dog-Worthy Foods



January is a time when many of us think about how we can improve our diet and exercise. While you’re making efforts to incorporate more fresh vegetables and other ingredients into your daily meals, don’t forget about your four-legged family members!

Today’s post on dog-worthy foods is a guest article from writer Ash Stevens.





We may have all grown up with dogs eating kibble, but commercial dog food is a rather recent development. Dog food started being produced in the 1930’s, so those big, heavy bags of kibble haven’t even been around a hundred years. Our growing understanding of canine nutrition and balanced diets has allowed companies to create some premium dog food, but the home kitchen still possesses some alluring tastes and smells that can make a positively drool-worthy treat for the average dog.

The list of of canine-friendly veggies goes on and on. Green beans, peas, broccoli, sweet potatoes, carrots, potatoes, and cauliflower are all safe for dogs. Many of them can even be prepared along with our own veggie sides and be grilled or baked. Vegetables like carrots, zucchini, celery, and cucumber can be eaten raw and once grated, sprinkled over their bowl of dinner kibble. Herbs like mint and parsley can also be included, and they happen to make for some colorful breath-freshening treats.

When it comes to fruit, it’s hard to go wrong. Apples, oranges, bananas, melons, and berries make a pleasant addition to just about any dog belly. They pack a blast of sweet flavor that their taste buds are sure to appreciate, and their bodies will enjoy the extra vitamins and minerals. While most dogs may be ready to scarf down fruits in their entirety, please be aware that certain fruit seeds and skins dogs should avoid: apple seeds, stone fruit pits, and banana peels. Stay on the safe side and set aside the fruity extras for the trash or compost pile.

Charlie smileCanine-Worthy Carbs
Brown rice, oatmeal, and whole wheat breads can be eaten in moderation by many dogs. These foods come with a helpful boost of energy plus fiber and other nutrients, but they should still be kept to a minimum. In general, (safe) human foods should comprise no more than 10% of a dog’s diet*.

Anyone cooking up chicken and beef at home knows the alluring powers meat has over dogs. Dogs may eat commercial dog food thanks to modern life and advanced technology, but before that they were eating scraps. And before they were eating table scraps, they were hunting in packs for animals. Without a doubt, meat is a craving they’re hardwired for.

Many of us already feed our pup leftover morsels of meat, but some people have taken it a step further by adopting a diet of raw meat, organs, and bones for their dogs. There’s debate on both sides concerning the safety, benefits, and nutritional balance with putting a dog on a raw diet but lean cooked meat will generally get a thumbs up from the dog doctor.

If you feed your dog occasional morsels from the kitchen, keep in mind that chocolate isn’t the only food that dogs should avoid. There are potential health risks for dogs who consume grapes, avocados, and macadamia nuts, so avoid handing out these doggie no-no’s**! As always, remember to talk with your vet so that you can learn more about the individual needs of your dog and the human foods that would best fit with their lifestyle. Then you’re all set to prepare some healthful foods for you and your dog!

Happy cooking, everybody!


Ash Stevens guest write


About the Author

Ash Stevens is a mother and writer who loves spending time in the garden, searching for simplicity, and figuring out ways to get the Labrador to parent her children. If she isn’t writing about family and relationships on her blog, then she’s playing badminton with the kids and their furry friends. You can follow her on Twitter at @AshStevens000.




*People Foods Your Dog Can Eat

** Which Foods Are Toxic For Your Pet?

Rescue Dogs, Then and Now: Hooch of Marley’s Mutts

Dog welfare is very important to Best Bully Sticks, and one way we give back to non-profits across the country is through charitable donations and contests. 

Today we share with you the story of one of our rescue dog contest winners from 2015, Hooch, the French Mastiff. Here is Hooch’s story:

Hooch french mastiff rescue dog

Hooch had his tongue savagely ripped out of his mouth, his ears chopped off, and his tail broken. When he came to the shelter in Bakersfield, CA, he was malnourished and forty pounds underweight. Today, Hooch is a healthy, happy and very agile guy! His favorite pastimes include doing ballet while playing ball, slobbering all over everything, snuggling, and visiting kids with autism and other disabilities, spreading inspiration, hope and love everywhere he goes!

We reached out to Marley’s Mutts to get an update on lovable Hooch from founder Zach Skow, who we interviewed back in 2014. Here’s what he had to say:

Hooch continues to thrive. Life without a tongue hasn’t slowed him down the slightest and much of his focus has been on helping others. Hooch is an ambassador for all abused animals and applies himself by educating children and adults county-wide. Hooch is a staple at the Valley Achievement Center for autistic youth.


Therapy Dog for Children:Hooch with autistic youth

From a teacher at Valley Achievement Center:
All of the children’s eyes would light up when Hooch walked through the door. He was so calming to them and would let them lay across his body and snuggle him as much as they needed. Many of these children cannot have pets because of their unpredictable and sometimes aggressive behaviors.Hooch provided them a magical experience of being around another misunderstood being, and the children and dog connected in a way that can only be explained by seeing it in person. Words were not needed, just love.

But Hooch doesn’t just help children. We adults also benefit from the calming presence of canines!

hooch hose 1



Hooch, Therapy Pet for Adults:

Hooch has come with us to visit with the women and men at the Mission at Kern County. These are individuals in residential drug and alcohol recovery, whom we educate about dog handling and pet care as part of our Life and Vocational Skills classes there.

Here the ladies are giving Hooch a bath in the summertime and trimming his nails. He loves people and loves attention, and I feel that he knows when people need for him to just…BE HOOCH…in their presence. It calms people and makes them happy.




icon-01Best Bully Sticks thanks Marley’s Mutts and Liz Kover for providing this update on Hooch- we love to hear of rescue dogs whose lives have turned upside down like Hooch’s!

Follow the Best Bully Sticks Healthy Dog Blog and on Facebook and Instagram for more rescue stories like this in 2016!

Healing Pets Naturally: Treatibles CBD Dog Treats

Best Bully Sticks recently added a exciting new line of dog treats to our website: Treatibles CBD dog treats. This guest post is written by Treatibles expert, Marjorie Fischer.

Maddy Treatibles ambassadorIn 2010 my sister got her second child, a gorgeous spotted Australian Shepherd named Matilda, or Maddy as she became known. Maddy has soft fluffy hair, bright wise eyes, and protects all of us like we are her cubs. She has hilarious tendencies like climbing on top of the couch to watch birds like a cat and attempting to make friends with squirrels in the backyard instead of chasing them.

Right away we noticed that she couldn’t stand to be left alone. She would vacillate between aggression and anxiety sometimes tearing up the house and obsessively running up and down the stairs till she limped or howling and crying for hours on end by the door. All reported by the not so happy neighbors. It was torture to leave her, especially if you were the last one out.  She would try sticking her nose and paws in between the door to stop you. When our company started making Treatibles pet treats infused with CBD, I knew Maddy could benefit and hoped the treats would calm the anxiety in poor Maddy, and therefore my sister too.

Tons of dogs suffer from similar separation anxiety just like Maddy does. Every time their human companions leave the house, they panic and become inconsolable, causing anxiety in both the animals and their owners. Dogs also have lots of situational anxiety that comes out as a result of an event or trip. Riding in the car, going to the vet or groomer, meeting and playing with other dogs, introducing a new child or animal into the house, having company over, or just simply turning on the vacuum or hearing a doorbell can cause anxiety in our beloved animals. 

After using the first dose of Treatibles on Maddy all the anxiety disappeared and when we went to leave the house she was calmly sitting on the couch looking out at the birds and all we got was a loving glance before walking out. This continued and has to this day and now the anxiety my sister used to be riddled with all day at work is gone, just like Maddy’s. Both of them can now feel comfortable and calm through out the day when they are apart and enjoy less clinginess when they are together.  It’s been transformative for the whole family, and the neighbors too.

We know when your animal is suffering, you are too, which is why having a solution that brings benefit to your animals in turn helps harmonize the whole family.

Treatibles 2 kinds

The most important and beneficial ingredient in Treatibles pet treats is CBD.  CBD (cannbidiol) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid or compound that is found in the hemp plant and provides a broad spectrum of benefits to animals including relief from anxiety, panic, and trauma. It also helps create balance, calm, and increased vitality.

Every animal except insects has an endocannabinoid system spread throughout the body. From the tips of the ears, throughout the brain, body, paws, and tail these receptors form a network.  Our bodies and animals’ bodies produce small amounts of these cannabinoids very much like the cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. Therefore, the receptors found throughout the body all respond to these plant phytocannabinoids when they enter the body just as they do with our bodies’ natural cannabinoids. The phytocannabinoids communicate with the endocannabinoid system when they enter the body and bind to the receptors that need them most and thus cause the broad range of beneficial results experienced. The endocannabinoid system also helps to regulate all homeostatic functions. Without homeostasis, our feedback mechanisms stop working which results in disease, inflammation, autoimmune disease, epilepsy, stress, anxiety, and all states of imbalance.

Often in disease states, or varies states of imbalance, our bodies need assistance with this regulation and need help outside of the body. Plant phytocannabinoids like CBD are a healthy, nontoxic way to assist this process by supporting any level of acute or chronic disease and imbalance in the body of a human or animal.

treatibles offered in handAt Treatibles, we genuinely care about the health and wellbeing of your animals and are animal owners ourselves. We created a product that not only provides these benefits from CBD but is also delicious and easy to administer. We all know how challenging and anxiety inducing giving medicine to our animals can be for everyone. This is why we crafted recipes for our pumpkin and blueberry treats that would taste so amazing that animals would be thrilled and excited to eat the treats. They are made with whole foods and are vegan, gluten free, free of preservatives, and human grade. We only want to feed our animals the same nutritious foods we would eat ourselves.

The treats come in two sizes, small for animals up to 50lbs and large for animals’ 50lbs or more. Maddy weighs about 60lbs, so we give her 2 ½ large treats twice a day, which is the perfect amount for her. Serving instructions are in detail on the bag for you.

Our products are triple lab tested and made with a lot of love. We hope you will give them a try for your animal companion today. Please also visit our website for more extensive information on CBD, cannabinoids, and our products.

  Wishing you and your animals harmony, happiness, and good health!

Lambeau on the beach_crop

Drool Dog Recipe: Crunchy Carob Dog Treats via Good Dogs & Co

Crunchy Carob

We all know that chocolate is a big no-no for dogs; however, did you know that they can have carob?
The folks at Good Dogs & Co made a Crunchy Carob Dog Treats recipe that we knew we had to share with our fans. Lucy and her dog Topher are familiar with Best Bully Sticks- our chews were a hit! You can see their bully stick product review here.


Makes two dozen round dog treats

  • 2 eggs
  • 1¼ cups ground flax seed (you can also use whole wheat flour)
  • ¼ cup flax seeds
  • ¼ cup of ground carob
  • ¼ cup peanut butter
  • ¼ cup old fashioned oats

For Instructions, see the Good Dogs & Co dog treat recipe!


For natural protein treats and chews, see our full selection at


icon-01Bone appetit!


7 Dog Resolutions for the New Year

2015 has come to an end, meaning new wishes and possibilities for the new year!

puppy with bone

Here are 7 Dog Resolutions for Fido to be happy and healthy in 2016:

1. Stay active and enjoy a daily walk or other exercise.

2. Get plenty of rest (that’s usually not a hard one!)

3. Stay hydrated.

4. Take time to play– with fellow dogs or your human(s).

5. Be a good boy or girl for your mom and/or dad!

6. Enjoy a DIY dog treat occasionally (they’re made with love!)

7. Last but not least, enjoy a daily chew from Best Bully Sticks for less visits to the doggy dentist!


Happy New Year from Best Bully Sticks! Wishing you and your dog health and happiness in 2016


new years eve dogs

2015 ThanksGiveaway Charity Contest Winners

Every year around Thanksgiving, Best Bully Sticks holds a ThanksGiveaway Contest to give back to dog charities nationwide. This year, we had 2 Grand Prizes and 5 Category prizes for a total of $3,000 in donations!

In 2015, Best Bully Sticks awarded OVER $8,000 to dog rescue groups in both monetary and dog treat donations.

This Thanksgiveaway contest, over 30 charities nationwide entered with adorable photos of adoptable dogs. We will hold more charity contests in 2016 and beyond- simply sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Facebook to be in the know. Enjoy looking at these winning entries chosen by Best Bully Sticks! 


Grand Prize Winner: Barclay from Last Hope Animal Rescue in Cedar Rapids, Iowa is a 20 month old puppy who came all the way from Egypt after having had acid dumped on his hindquarters. He is a shepherd mix who loves his people, enjoys walks, puppachinos, cuddling, playing fetch, and just being an amazing companion!






Grand Prize Winner: Riley is a young, adult American Staffordshire Terrier who joined CARE- Crossroads Animal Rescue with her ELEVEN newborn puppies. She is a great momma and most of the pups have since been adopted, so now it’s Riley’s turn! She’s the sweetest and most well behaved dog CARE has ever seen. She never meets a stranger, is good with most other dogs and cats, and will ask when she needs to go outside! She knows how to sit, shake, stay and speak on command. Her new family will be lucky to have her, as she loves to run and play as well as snuggle indoors.




Category Winner: Cutest Puppy 

Champagne from Animal House Shelter in Huntley, IL is a 2 month-old Shepherd/Cattle dog mix who came with 4 siblings after being rescued from a high kill animal control facility.  She is in foster care with her brothers and sisters and is available for adoption the day after Christmas! 







Category Winner: Senior Sweetheart

Cambria is an 11-year-old Beagle mix from Secondhand Hounds in Eden Prairie, MN with a heart of gold! She was abandoned at a shelter in Kentucky due to her being pregnant. She gave birth to three adorable pups in September, so now it’s her turn to live out her golden years without being a mom!
Cammi will curl up on a sofa or bed and nap until someone comes home. She’s an older gal and HUGE snuggle bug looking for her retirement home: somewhere that she can relax, get plenty of snuggles, attention and live out her golden years with someone.

hairless dog



Category Winner: Class Clown

Ozzie of Hearts United for Animals in Nebraska is a 9 year-old Chinese Hairless Crested who was rescued from being tied out on a chain in Texas. He became a favorite of caregivers and volunteers!  Ozzie loves going out for car rides with staff and running around our turf yards with the funniest grin on his face. He makes people smile every day with his fun personality and quirks, not to mention his sparse coat!






Category Winner: Biggest Dog

Gretchen of Fetch Wisconsin Rescue has an irresistible squishy face and meatloaf frame. She makes a great ambassador for the bully breed (she’s American Bulldog).  She enjoys lounging around with her humans close by, a good chew toy and a nice dog bed. She snores when she sleeps and it is the funniest thing ever! She is seriously more human-like than dog-like in so many ways. She’s a calm and peaceful old-soul.


5660bf0149f43-korey2 blog

Category Winner: Marvelous Mutt

Corey from McLennan Animal Rescue Coalition (MARC) in Waco, TX is an approximately 4 year old female Vizsla mix who was found alongside a highway along with another female dog and 5 puppies between them. She’s a pretty hilarious companion who loves kids and lives with a rambunctious boxer mix, who she loves to wrestle with. She loves her daily walks, will trot along next to a bike, and is learning to drop her ball in your hand to play fetch. Korey is much too interested in snacking on cats to live with one, but she would love nothing more than to have a family of her own for the holidays.


Congrats to all 2015 ThanksGiveaway Charity Contest Winners and to those who entered!


Christmas Cookies via the Scrumptious Pumpkin

calvin cookieTis the season for baking! While you are baking for friends, coworkers, and neighbors, don’t forget your furry loved one- they deserve a treat too!

Jen at the Scrumptious Pumpkin has an adorable beagle named Calvin, for whom she made Christmas cookies. We saw how much he enjoyed them and knew we had to share this recipe with our fans! We love that it includes pumpkin seeds and cranberries for a festive touch.


  • 1 cup rye flour (or substitute rice flour or all-purpose flour)
  • ¾ teaspoon baking powder
  • ¼ cup unsweetened applesauce
  • 2 tablespoons organic honey
  • 3½ tablespoons olive oil (or substitute organic canola oil)
  • 2 tablespoons organic dried cranberries, finely chopped
  • 2 tablespoons pumpkin seeds


For instructions on how to make this Christmas Cookie, see The Scrumptious Pumpkin blog.

A warm thank you to Jen and Calvin for sharing this Christmas recipe. We hope that you are able to make it sometime soon for a special treat!


Happy Holiday from Best Bully Sticks & Bone Appetit!

The 2015 Dog Treat Holiday Gift Guide


If you haven’t bought your dog’s holiday presents yet, we have some recommendations for you in this Holiday Gift Guide!

Holiday Boxes– Receive a fun and festive Holiday Box FREE with your purchase of any of our pre-made Holiday Box, like Medium Medley for medium dogs, Tiny Tim for small dogs, and Abominable Snowman for large dogs, just to name a few.

Jumbo Bully Stick Bows: a durable chew for dogs medium and larger.

Braided Gullet Sticks: high in chondroitin, great for senior dogs!

Gullet Cookies: another fun gullet chew that’s a healthy rawhide alternative like all of our chews.

Yummy Yams: vegetarian chew high in Vitamins A, B, and C , fiber, iron, and calcium!


We hope you have a merry holiday season full of doggie kisses!

caroling caroling here we go





New Product Spotlight: Treatibles Dog Treats

We are very excited to introduce a new product at! They are Treatibles Dog Treats, superfood wellness treats made with hemp-derived phytocannabinoids. This ingredient helps benefit a wide spectrum of health conditions and can be used for preventative care. Treatibles holistic treats are in alignment with what we believe in- they are gluten-free, natural dog treats made with dogs’ well-being in mind.

20150727-Treatibles New Branding 0000The primary active ingredient in Treatibles Dog Treats is CBD (cannabidiol). 


– does not cause a “high,” because there is no cannabis or THC

– is 100% legal because it is derived from hemp and is non psychoactive

– does not conflict with other medications

– is non toxic and can not be overdosed.


CBD or Cannabidiol is known to benefit numerous health conditions: anxiety, trauma, seizures, cancer, nausea or lack of appetite, muscle/joint issues, pain, inflammation, injury/surgery recovery, skin conditions, and even brain health issues like epilepsy, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

For more information on this holistic ingredient, see the Treatibles website.

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