While Independence Day is a cause and time to celebrate. Loud noises & flashing lights from fireworks & patriotic crowds can be scary & overwhelming for some family members, including our pets.  Dogs not only have a keen sense of smell but a keen sense of hearing. So loud sounds of flashing fireworks can cause your pet to scurry under the bed, covers or in a corner from what they may consider Armageddon.

Here are some tips from the Twittersphere on ways to keep your dog safe this Fourth of July and help your pet cope with fireworks.





1. There’s No Place Like Home– Although we all want to celebrate The Fourth of July with our furry friends, sometimes it best for your dog to be a home body. If your dog is afraid of fireworks leaving your dog home is important. Firework celebrations, the lights, the sounds, & unfamiliar location can make your dog more fearful even though you are by his side. Lounging & snuggling on your couch with your pups is a great bonding time with out worrying about the traffic and having to find a good seat amongst the crowd.

2. Never Leave Your Dog Outside– If left unattended even in a fenced yard many dogs may get so scared of the sounds of fireworks and decide to jump the fence, run into traffic and panic. Dogs that are tied up in the backyard may accidentally strangle themselves to break free & hide from the noise.

3. Create a Diversion– When fireworks are blasting its important to distract your dog by turning on the tv or radio. Turning the tv or radio to a comfortable soothing level will create a relaxing atmosphere and help drown out some of the noise. It helps take your dogs minds and ears off the sounds of fireworks.

Do not  forget to keep windows and curtains closed to reduce noise and bright flashes. Also, giving your dog his or her favorite interactive chew toy with a treat spot will fill the belly and keep them entertained for hours.

4. Create a Safe Haven– Every dog needs a special den like area where he or she can feel safe & secure. Crates filled with your dogs favorite security blanket, pad, or dog beds can provide the perfect oasis.  If you don’t use a crate make sure to doggy proof your home & pick up any objects that might get chewed or destroyed. Make sure to safetly store away objects that may be dangerous within paws reach. Even the most well behaved dog when under stress can become destructive.

5.  Talk to Your Vet– Seeking the advice of a vet or dog behavorist may prove beneficial for dogs who are very fearful , stressed out, defensive, exhibit anxiety & fear. Bachs Rescue Remedy provides a natural stress relief from holidays like these and take the edge off. Although your dog may not be afraid of fireworks they may become defensive and go on a barking frenzy.

6.  Always Where Id– In case your dog decides to escape through the door. Keeping your dog securely tagged with proper identification around his collar will save you some headaches in case your dog decides to play a game of hide & not seek from the fireworks. Microchips provide an aided layer of fur protection and are painlessly embedded into your dog. The best part if that if your dog is lost & found your dogs info will be in their massive database.

If your dog is lucky enough to go with you to see the fireworks be sure to stay by his or side the whole time. There is nothing like the security of a your guardian holding your paw and calming your fears.

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