group_picDogs are amazing companions and offer up a ton of  unconditional love in wags, licks and snuggle time. They truly do make our lives happier and our days a bit brighter. To ensure a life time of fun and companionship it is important to choose the perfect dog or breed that fits your lifestyle. Here are a few things to consider if you are deciding on adding a furry addition to your loving family.

1.  Commitment: Pets are a commitment, but a worthy one! Determine how much time you will have to commit to your dog. Keep in mind some dog breeds require more attention and time spent with their owner then others. Dogs do not do well left alone or unattended for hours on end without attention and interaction.

2. Train-ability: You have to decide what dog you want based on its train-ability. Its important to make sure the dog or breed you choose is easy for you to train and lead since you are the pack leader.

3. Exercise: All dogs need exercise but the amount of exercise will be based on breed type. Some dogs & breeds require more exercise & strenuous playtime than others throughout the day. Make sure you have the time to give your dog a healthy and proper outlet to release any pent up energy.

4. Energy Levels: Based on your personality you may want to consider whether or not you want a  high energy dog or a low energy dog.

5.  Size: Pick a dog that is the right size for your home.



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