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Weekly Drool Recipe: Broccoli Carrot Chicken Dog Treats



We love bringing you things that are 100% great for your dog. That’s why we offer all-natural bully sticks, dog treats and more. It’s the same reason we at BestBullySticks share great all-natural dog treat recipes with you on our blog! And we’ve got another for you! This yummy, easy and healthy dog treat recipe from Doggy Dessert Chef combines nutritious veggies and tasty chicken to make your dog’s mouth water and tail wag. Read on for the full Broccoli Carrot Chicken Dog Treat Recipe!

These broccoli, carrot chicken treats can be made months ahead of time so you’ll always have the makings of tasty treats on hand.





– 1 Chicken breast, cooked and chopped

– 1 cup finely grated Carrots

– 1/2 cup chopped Broccoli

– 1 teaspoon Lemon juice

– 3 tablespoons Butter, softened

– 1 Egg

– 2 cups Oat Flour read more…

BBS Recognizes “Earth Day”

BBS Recognizes With Earth Day rapidly approaching — April 22nd to be exact — we at BestBullySticks thought this would be a great opportunity to share ideas about making the most of this important holiday. After all, a clean and healthy environment will benefit both humans and their pets across the globe. First things first, though. Let’s take a step back take a look at the origins of this great holiday.

Earth Day

Originally conceived by John McConnell, an advocate of peace, religion, science and the common good, the idea of Earth Day was first presented in 1969 at a UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) summit in San Francisco.

What was to follow was entirely grassroots in nature. Earth Day began as a peaceful cross-country demonstration celebrated by over twenty million Americans on April 22nd, 1970. With such widespread support, lawmakers were quick to take notice of just how interested people were in environmental awareness, and more importantly, reform.

Following the events of April 22nd, 1970, momentum for the movement steadily grew and by 1990 the initiative was taken internationally. Now organized by the Earth Day Network, Earth Day is celebrated in 141 nations across the globe! read more…

Dog Care 101 Tip #209: Outdoor Hazards and Spring Safety

Spring Fun!With spring here and loads of outdoor excitement ahead, we at BestBullySticks want to make sure you and your pet enjoy the sunny days ahead to the fullest. While there are some outdoor activities that can pose health risks to your pooch, rest assured— we’re here to make sure you can nip them in the bud! Here are three outdoor hazards to watch out for this season:

Lyme Disease

The first step to protecting your dog from Lyme disease is to ensure they’re on the appropriate preventative medications. We strongly suggest an all-natural flea and tick alternative to the toxic ingredients found in many medications. Common spot treatments are chock full of chemicals and have been reported to pose a threat to both pets and their human owners.

Caused by bacteria from the genus Borrelia, Lyme disease is primarily transmitted by deer ticks during the height of tick season (May through August). Borrelia-carrying ticks generally need to be attached for 18 hours to transmit infection. Should you suspect your loved one may have come down with Lyme disease take them to the vet immediately— here are a few early warning symptoms to look out for:

• Lameness accompanied by joint inflammation and stiff walking

• Fever, difficulty breathing and lack of appetite

• Swelling of the lymph nodes close to the tick bite has a whole host of all-natural flea and tick control products available through our online store. Don’t give Lyme disease the chance to affect your dog’s health this coming season. read more…

Sophie Loves Her All-Natural Bully Sticks from BBS!

“Sophie knows there’s something yummy in the box that just arrived! Thanks BBS!”

Thanks to Laticia Wood for sharing this great video of Sophie with us!

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BBS Product Spotlight: All-Natural Free Range Gullet Pretzels

Gullet PretzelSpring is finally here and we at BestBullySticks want to make sure both you and your canine companion are ready to get out of the house and into the sun. So, let us help your dog make the most of outdoor activities this season with an all natural dog treat that will keep them totally happy, mind and body.

Made from bull esophagus, our Gullet Pretzels make a perfect springtime treat! Naturally high in both glucosamine and chondroitin, two essential nutrients that help promote healthy bones and joints, this twisted chew makes a great seasonal addition to your dog’s diet.

With outdoor activities ahead, don’t let joint pain get in the way of your dog’s spring fun. These tasty treats are particularly well suited for older dogs or those prone to hip-dysplasia. The benefits of supplemental chondroitin can help to stave off degenerative effects of osteoporosis while glucosamine supports the structure and function of joints. read more…

BBS Breed Spotlight: Kerry Blue Terrier

Kerry Blue TerrierAn interesting breed, the Kerry Blue Terrier has a truly unique appearance matched only by its incredible history. Find out more about this fascinating breed on this week’s BestBullySticks Breed Spotlight.

According to Irish folklore, the story goes a little something like this:

One stormy evening a lone canine swam ashore. Leaving his owner’s wrecked ship behind, he braved the rough coastal seas and soon found himself on the plush grass of County Kerry, Ireland. Covered in a handsome coat of curly slate-gray fur, he set out across Ireland mating with all the Wheaten Terriers he encountered.

While the verdict is still out on the validity of this legend, we do know for certain that the Kerry Blue Terrier is from County Kerry, a lush and mountainous coastal region of southwestern Ireland. Able to trace their lineage to the Portuguese Water Dog, Kerry Blues are very at home in the water as legend would suggest. A working dog by nature, this energetic and fun-loving breed has a playful sense of humor and is eager to please at a moments notice.

Originally used by Irish farmers as a retriever for hunting, the Kerry Blue Terrier was an all-purpose working dog of the peasantry class. Loyal and obedient, the Kerry Blue found numerous roles in and around farms fitting of it’s breed characteristics. From tracking and hunting vermin to herding sheep and cattle, this versatile breed would eventually become the layman’s Irish Wolfhound.

The first breed to be registered with the Irish Kennel Club, the Kerry Blue Terrier was the breed responsible for the foundation of the organization in 1922. read more…

Weekly Drool Recipe: Crunchy BBQ Liver Dog Treats (Wheat-Free)

Crunchy Texture. Sticky BBQ Sauce. 100% Yummy. BestBullySticks isn’t talking about your favorite BBQ chips, but a dog treat just for Fido! Alejandra over at Always Order Dessert shared her wonderful Crunchy BBQ Liver Dog Treat recipe with us so you can spoil your dog with this wonderfully flavorful and healthy dog treat with your pooch.


  • 1/2 pound bacon
  • 1 pound liver (such as calf liver, chicken liver, beef liver, etc.)
  • 1 cup cooked mashed sweet potato puree (substitute carrot, pumpkin, or butternut squash)
  • 1 cup rolled oats (not instant)
  • 1/2 cup coarsely ground cornmeal (preferably organic/gmo-free)
  • 1/2 cup flaxseeds
  • 1/2 cup chicken broth (salt-free or low sodium; you can also use water)
  • 2 large eggs + 1 egg, divided
  • 1/4 cup bbq sauce (use a non-spicy variety) read more…

BBS Recognizes Animal Control Officer Appreciation Week

In 2013, the general public no longer thinks of an animal control officer as a heartless, net-wielding dogcatcher out to round up all the homeless puppies in your city. BestBullySticks is grateful for this shift in perspective because Animal Control Officers do a lot of good in their communities. Here are just a few duties of an ACO.

Protect The Public
Animal Control Officers take care of a myriad of issues relating to public health. This can include investigating animal bite cases, negotiating public disputes and capturing any animals threatening public safety. ACO’s also investigate animal cruelty cases and bring sick, injured and homeless animals to a safer environment.

Care for Lost Animals
Unfortunately, there are many homeless and neglected pets wandering city streets. Animal Control Officers are trained to safely and humanely take these animals to facilities for better care.

Reunite Pets with Their Owners
Animal Control Officers often pick up lost pets. They highly encourage the public to microchip, tag and license their pets, making their job easier when reuniting pets with their owners.

These public officers often put themselves in potential dangerous situations for the wellbeing of animals. The “dogcatcher” stereotype no longer applies—it’s a pretty noble profession. Many loving people go unnoticed for their dedication to animals, so how can you show your appreciation?

Volunteer & Donate
Become involved directly with your local Animal Control division. By volunteering your time or donating goods or money, you can directly help your city’s animal organization and therefore help more animals.

Help Educate
Educate your self and friends, family and coworkers on the proper procedure for reporting and helping strays as well as properly identifying their own pets.

Say Thank You
Send a note to your Animal Control Facility to say thank you. Your words will definitely be appreciated.

Send a pack of bully sticks to your local animal rescue or shelter by taking advantage of our Charity Packs!

Do you have awesome Animal Control Officers in your area? Tell us how you’ll say Thank You!

Dog Care 101 Tip #208: The Truth About Garlic for Dogs

There are many debates among dog owners—how to train, what to feed, health and medical care—but one controversy hangs around one particular herb: Garlic. Is it safe for your dog? Why are some dog owners adamantly against it while others tout the power of garlic for dogs? BestBullySticks will lay down the facts!

About Garlic

Garlic is an herb, grown in cloves and is a part of the Allium family. This family also includes onions and shallots, which are well known to be highly toxic to dogs. This is why concerned doggy moms and dads are wary of using garlic. Garlic has also been used as a natural remedy for years in both dogs and humans and appears as an ingredient in many dog foods. So what’s the deal? Use Garlic or No?

Against Garlic

Garlic contains compounds called propyldisulfide and thiosulphate, which taken in large doses can cause red blood cells to burst, which is called hemolytic anemia. Signs of too much garlic ingested include shortness of breath, lethargy, elevated heart rate, diarrhea, vomiting and other gastrointestinal problems. Yes, garlic can be toxic, but is it always?

For Garlic

Garlic has been used for its medicinal qualities for thousands of years. It has antifungal and antibacterial qualities as well as boosts the immune system and cardiovascular health. This is why many food manufacturers and treat makers use garlic in their formulas for your dog.

A highly popular reason to give dogs garlic is for pest control, including fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. There are two reasons this is thought to work. One is that garlic changes pH levels in your dog’s blood making it undesirable to any unwanted pest. It’s also suspected that when garlic metabolizes, it moves through a dog’s skin, which also might deter an insect. There is no conclusive evidence that this does work, but many dog owners swear by this method. read more…

BBS Breed Spotlight: Akita

A dog breed with a rich history and personality, the Akita is treasured by an entire nation and the families it’s a part of. Find out more about this Japanese dog breed on the BestBullySticks Breed Spotlight.

History & Background: Originating from the island of Honshu in the region of Akita in Japan, the Akita Inu has lived a relatively unchanged life from its ancestors. In fact, the Akita is one of seven dog breeds considered a “Natural Monument.” In Japan, the Akita (natively pronounced AH-ki-ta instead of the Western version of a-KEE-ta) has been used in various capacities including police, military and guard dogs. This breed is also known for being a great hunting dog because of its “soft” mouth and ability to hunt in inclement weather.

Akitas were first brought to the US by Helen Keller in 1937 when the Japanese government gave Keller an Akita as a gift. This dog’s name was Kamikaze-go but sadly died shortly after Keller brought the dog back to the states. The dog’s brother was given as a gift in the next year and was named Kenzan-go. After WWII, many US Soldiers brought Akitas back to the states. Today, the original Japanese Akita and the American Akita are thought to be two separate breeds.

Height: Males: 26 to 28 inches; Females: 24 to 26 inches

Weight: Males: 100 to 145 pounds; Females: 80 to 120 pounds read more…

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