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Weekly Drool Recipe: Pumpkin Please Pupsicles

Pumpkin pie is a staple of the Fall and Holiday season. And knows no matter how cool it may get, ice cream goes great with pumpkin pie! Because we know that you love your dog, we found a recipe from Kirby the Dorkie featuring the Canine Chef Cookbook that lets you include your four-legged family member! These quick and yummy treats are like mixing pumpkin pie with ice cream! Whip up these Pumpkin Please Pupsicles for your pooch this Fall!

1 – 15 oz can pure pumpkin purée**
Same amount of vanilla yogurt
2 tsp ground cinnamon

For directions, see the Kirby the Dorkie featuring the Canine Chef Cookbook site!

Thanks to Debby & Kirby at Kirby the Dorkie featuring the Canine Chef Cookbook for sharing their great recipe and photos. We hope your dog has the pleasure of tasting this seasonal treat in the near future!

Bone Appetit!
Bone Appétit!


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BBS Celebrates: Presidential Pets! celebrates this Election Day by taking a look at Presidential Pets! published this amazing “First Pets” infographic, so we’d thought we’d share it with you! We hope that you exercise your right to vote and own a pet today! Happy Election Day! 

First Pets - A Look Back at Presidential Pets Throughout History

First Pets – A Look Back at Presidential Pets Throughout History by Vetstreet

Dog Care 101 Tip #188: Dog Photography Tips

We know your dog has tons of personality. Sometimes they’re funny, sometimes sweet and others just plain human-like. But how do you capture these moments? can help you get photo-ready for your dog’s next picture-perfect moment.

Things You’ll Need
Camera: Most any camera will do. A small digital camera or even your phone is just fine! Remember to always have it close by so you don’t miss a moment!

Treats: Any treats will do! Small beef treats like our Beef Bon Bons are perfect for gaining attention and rewarding good poses!

Patience: Getting the absolute best shot of your dog is going to take time. Make sure you set aside a good amount of time to dedicate to photographing your dog.

Natural Light: Using natural light from a window or from outside is always better than the flash function on your camera. By using natural light you avoid alien-like “red eye,” and washed out or distorted colors.

Tips & Tricks
1. Perspective: Too many dog photos are taken from the perspective of simply standing up looking down to the dog.  Make your photos more interesting by changing your point of view. By standing on a chair, getting down on your pet’s level or just by kneeling instead of standing, you are changing your perspective and creating a more engaging photo. read more…

BBS Weekend Reader: November 3rd & 4th Edition

Did you miss any of BARK-tastic blogs this week?  If you did miss any of the Halloweeny/Dog Rescuing/Braaaaaains/Maltese fun, catch up before Monday with all of this week’s great BBS Blogs!

So snuggle up to your favorite pooch (or pooches) and read the BBS Healthy Dog Blog! Happy Weekend Reading! Click the links below to find out more about:

Halloween Safety & Comfort • The Mia Foundation • Pumpkin & Peanut Butter Braaaains Pupcakes • Breed Spotlight on the Maltese

Also in your free time this weekend, check out our fun Pinterest Page! We’ve got TONS of great dog videos, adorable dog photos, funny dog photos, DIY dog project and more!

BBS Breed Spotlight: Maltese

Since ancient times, Maltese have been a statement of a wealthy household. Today, this clever and jolly little dog makes a household richer for having been in it. Find out more about this small breed with a big personality by reading’s Breed Spotlight on the Maltese.

History & Background: The “ancient dog of Malta” or “Roman Ladies’ Dog” or even the “Maltese Lion Dog” were all names given to the ancient breed that is the Maltese. This breed enjoyed the good life next to aristocratic ladies of their time. These ladies carried the Maltese around in their sleeves and let them to sleep in their beds. One of the best-accounted ancient Maltese was Issa, the dog of a Roman Governor in Malta. This account of Issa, written at the time of the Apostle Paul, painted Issa as “purer than a dove’s kiss,” “gentler than a maiden,” and “more precious than Indian gems.” It’s easily seen that even in their earliest days this dog was very much loved. It’s even seen that Greeks built tombs for their Maltese and were worshipped by the Egyptians.

It’s thought Crusaders returning home from the Mediterranean took Maltese to England. Royalty owned this breed in England as well and even as far back as the 1500s would coat a $2,000 to purchase. This breed has been recognized by the AKC since 1888 and is a true companion dog for any family.

Height: Males – 8 to 10 inches; Females – 8 to 9 inches

Weight: Males – 3 to 7 pounds; Females – 2 to 7 pounds

Coat: A Maltese has a single coat made up of straight and long hair with a silky texture. Breed standards require no kinks or curls show in the coat.

Color: Coloring for a Maltese is pure white. Standards say that this breed can have some light tan or lemon color on the ears. Maltese have large dark eyes and a black nose. read more…

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