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BBS Weekend Reader: October 20 & 21st Edition

Did you miss any of BARK-tastic blogs this week?  If you did miss any of the Dock Jumping/Pug Rescuing/Grain-Free Dog Treating/Hairless Terrier fun, catch up before Monday with all of this week’s great BBS Blogs!

So snuggle up to your favorite pooch (or pooches) and read the BBS Healthy Dog Blog! Happy Weekend Reading! Click the links below to find out more about:

Dog Sports: Dock Jumping • Green Mountain Pug Rescue • Seri’s Grain-Free Dog Treats • Breed Spotlight on the American Hairless Terrier

Also in your free time this weekend, check out our fun Pinterest Page! We’ve got TONS of great dog videos, adorable dog photos, funny dog photos, DIY dog project and more!

BBS Breed Spotlight: American Hairless Terrier

Run. Fast. Jump. Long. Don’t Stop. Ever! These must be the thoughts rolling through the American Hairless Terrier’s mind when they’re outside, going full out. Being a highly active dog, with seemingly endless energy, you almost forget this dog is hairless. With no thick scruff or padding to protect them, this dog is pretty brave to be so vulnerable. Read on about this courageous, cute and uncommon breed on the Breed Spotlight.

History & Background: In 1972, a hairless Rat Terrier was born in a litter of fully coated brothers and sisters. This unique pup, Josephine, became the pride and joy of Louisiana natives Willie and Edwin Scott. They loved the look and character of this dog and decided to continue this new breed. The Scotts called the uncoated dogs from Josephine’s litters American Hairless Terriers. AHTs are listed in the AKC’s Foundation Stock Services as to be recognized while allowing the breed to work toward a larger and healthy gene pool. In 2004, the UKC designated the AHT as its own distinct breed.

Height: 10 to 18 inches

Weight: 5 to 16 pounds

Coat: Obviously, mature, adult American Hairless Terriers do not have a coat. However, when these dogs are born a soft, downy fuzz appears on the body. At about 6 to 8 weeks all of this fuzz wears away and the dog is left with soft and warm skin. AHT’s do keep whiskers and guard hairs on the eyebrows and muzzle. A unique characteristic about this dog is that when stressed or overheated, the AHT will break out in a sweat. This dog is great for those who suffer from pet dander allergies.

Ironically enough, there is a “coated” American Hairless Terrier. The UKC states this is because the coated terriers are used to improve the breeding stock of the AHT. These dogs look more like their Rat Terrier cousins and have a short, dense and smooth coat.

Color: Any color skin is acceptable in the show ring. AHTs usually have an underlying color with spots and freckles of a contrasting color. Freckles enlarge with age and the skin darkens with exposure to the sun. The coated variety of AHTs must always have some white coat but can be fully white, bi-colored, tri-colored, sable or brindle.

A hairless variety can have any color eyes and rims match nose coloring, which is usually black. For a coated variety, eye color can range from dark brown to amber. Hazel eyes correspond with a light coat, blue, amber or dark grey eyes with a blue coat. read more…

Weekly Drool Recipe: Seri’s Grain-Free Dog Treats via Tasty Yummies Blog

Gluten-free diets have definitely become more common in American households. knows that these grain-free meals aren’t just for the humans anymore either. Beth at Tasty Yummies blog has been eating gluten-free for years and shares her great recipes with her readers. By a stroke of irony, Beth’s Miniature Bull Terrier, Seri has a gluten allergy and needs grain-free food and treats. Beth wanted to create a special 2nd birthday surprise for her special dog and that’s what she has shared with us today—Seri’s Grain Free Dog Treats! Keep reading to learn more about Seri, Beth and these great treats!

Seri came into our lives nearly two years ago at a time that I never thought I would be getting a new dog. It was much sooner than either one of us imagined that we would be doing the puppy thing again!

We patiently waited for the litter to be born to find out if we would be getting a pup and we soon found out that we were in fact getting a sweet little white baby with the tiniest little spot on her bum! We thought long and hard about a name and ultimately decided on Seri (inspired by the word Serigraphy – another word for screen printing). We picked Seri up the day before my birthday and she was so tiny and sweet. We of course fell in love with her instantly.

If you can believe the irony in this, Seri is also on a gluten-free diet. Just a month or two into having her, even with the most expensive organic dry food money could buy, Seri just seemed to have issues with grains. She would be a bit itchy. After speaking with her and a holistic veterinarian we decided to make the switch to a grain-free all raw meat diet. Seri’s skin, coat and all around health immediately responded to the diet and we have never gone back since.


Seri’s Grain-Free Dog Treats: Gluten-free, Grain-free, Dairy-free, Sugar-free
(Makes about 2 dozen or so, depending on the size)

1 cup potato starch, plus a little more for rolling
1 cup almond flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
dash of salt
1/4 cup melted coconut oil
1/4 cup natural peanut butter (chunky or creamy)
1/4 cup low-sodium beef stock (you can also use veggie stock or water)
1/4 cup shredded carrots read more…

Best Bully Sticks Product Spotlight: Hyper Pet Dog Toys

Want something new and different to use when playing fetch with your dog? Then this is exactly the toy you want! At, we’re always thinking of toys to offer you that not only entertain your dog, but to keep their mind and body sharp too! That’s why Hyper Pet’s Critter Toys are perfect for your dog!

Hyper Pet’s Critter Toys are a unique collection of interactive toys made for dogs of all shapes and sizes! This interactive toy has many uses, and can be played with by dogs of any size. Play fetch with your dog and help keep their body in tip-top condition, or play a few games of tug, and work out your dog’s urge to chew and pull. The tail will make it easier for your dog to retrieve the toy, while the attached ball makes the toy easy to throw long and short distances.

Toss your dog this toy they’ll be sure to love it! $5.70-7.80

BBS Rescue Spotlight: Green Mountain Pug Rescue

A small group of dedicated, hardworking, passionate people can make a difference in a big world. One small group of people in Lyndonville, Vermont is changing the lives of Pugs in several states around the United States—Green Mountain Pug Rescue. had the opportunity to speak with Karen Powers about how the rescue began, it’s 11 year history and how you can help Green Mountain Pugs. 

When & Why did you start? 
I started GMPR in early 2001.  I had been volunteering for a new England based pug rescue and thought it would be nice to have a group for pug meet ups and education on the breed.  At my first gathering it was obvious we were starting a rescue, too.

What’s different about your rescue? 
This is a hard question, as all rescues work so hard to save lives.  We are a small group of Board Members making decisions in Vermont.  But we take in pugs from puppy mills as far away as Missouri, Arkansas and Kansas and as south as Georgia.  We do whatever vetting needed.  We do surgeries on the pugs as needed too- most rescues just don’t have the capabilities to do this.

What is the greatest success story or “win” that your rescue has had? 
There have been so many pugs we brought in with heartworm that got better through treatment here to be adopted out and adored and spoiled by their new homes. Or one senior pug that got ran over by a car, brought into vets to be put down as the family could not afford the vet bill.  The vet called us up and we took custody of him and did a lot of work on him – costing $4,000.00 by the time it was done. Miraculously, while he had tire tracks on his side- there was no broken bones or internal injuries.  Just his mouth was a mess.    He lost his lower jaw in the process but could still eat fine with his special diet of soft foods in meatball size.  Big John, as he was called, went on to live several years loved and adored adopted by a very special friend to GMPR.  His will to live was simply amazing and donations came in to help cover some of his costs.  Sadly we lost him this year, but his memory lives on in our hearts!

What’s the most rewarding thing about working at your rescue? 
Our pug social that we host yearly, seeing the puppy mill survivors not scared and cowering but flourishing and happy; tails just a wagging!  And seeing adoptions happen with one of your special fosters, when you thought it would be with you forever!  There are many days like this!  This helps us get through the worst when we get in so many puppy millers that are a mess medically and emotionally so bruised.

What can people do to help your rescue?
If you live in NH, VT or around Albany NY area, we definitely need fosters to continue our mission.  Volunteering at events, helping transport pugs when needed, make crafts to sell at our silent auctions, definitely need graphic artists help, too!

Congratulations to Green Mountain Pug Rescue on winning 2nd place in BBS’s recent “Every Dog Has Its Day” Charity Photo Contest. The money they won will be going to help pay vet bills for the 9 Arkansas pugs rescued on 8/24/12. One of these pugs, Angel, is pictured to the right. These pugs had severe flea dermatitis, infections, ear and eye issues. One of the pugs is losing both eyes.

If you’d like to find out more on Green Mountain Pug Rescue, visit their website or Facebook

Dog Care 101 Tip #185: Dog Sports – Dock Jumping

Sometimes called the easiest of all Dog Sports, Dock Jumping is certainly an entertaining event to watch and be involved with. Not only is this Dog Sport easy and fun, but it’s also open to any dog willing to take a jump off a short pier. outlines the great world of Dock Jumping in today’s Dog Care 101 spotlight on Dog Sports!

What is Dock Jumping?
Also called Dock Diving, this dog sport is a competition of jump distance and jump height off of a dock into a body of water. This sport is governed by a few different organizations including Dock Dogs, SplashDogs and Ultimate Air Dogs, who partners through the United Kennel Club. For these clubs, there are two basic kinds of play: Long Distance Jumping and Vertical Height Jumping.

This sport really doesn’t have one particular point of origin. However, it can be pretty well guessed. Most likely a couple of guys were with their loyal companions for a romp down by the lake. One guy probably said, “Hey, Watch this!” and threw a tennis ball off the dock, into the water and his dog soared far through the air after his favorite toy. Voila! Dock Jumping was born.

Even though there is not a definitive account of who thought of Dock Jumping or where it originated, it is known that in 1997 Dock Jumping first appeared in Purina’s Incredible Dog Challenge. Since then, many clubs have sprung up and some dog’s can earn titles in the UKC for their competitions. Dock Jumping competitions are now in the UK and Australia. read more…

Best Bully Sticks Product Spotlight: Bison Femur Bone and Jumbo Smoked Cow Ears

Looking for a dog treat to keep your dog entertained for hours? Try these delicious treats for your pet! We at have two products your dog will love: Jumbo Smoked Cow Ears, and our Bison Femur Bone.

This Bison Femur Bone is huge, over a foot in length, and weighs up to 4.5 pounds and between 14-20 inches in length. Containing no hormones or preservatives, this bone is made from 100% all natural Bison. As an added bonus, there is still some meat on the bone for your dog to chew on!

Our Jumbo Smoked Cow Ears will have your canine’s mouth watering! These treats have a savory smokey flavor that’s extremely. At twice the size of our regular cow ears, these treats will make for some great chew time for your dog. With no artificial flavors, preservatives or hormones in this dog chew, these treats are perfect for your dog.

Both of these 1-ingredient dog treats can fit your dog’s size and chewing temperament. Your dog will have hours of entertainment chewing on these and you can ensure peace and relaxation in your house! 

Jumbo Smoked Cow Ears: $10.80
Bison Femur Bone: $9.99 Weekend Reader: October 13th & 14th Edition

Did you miss any of BARK-tastic blogs this week?  If you did miss any of the Sit & Stay/Obesity Awareness/PB Apple Treating/Springy Dog topics, catch up before Monday with all of this week’s great BBS Blogs!

So snuggle up to your favorite pooch (or pooches) and read the BBS Healthy Dog Blog! Happy Weekend Reading! Click the links below to find out more about:

Dog Sports: Obedience Trials • Pet Obesity Awareness • Peanut Butter Apple Dog Treats • Breed Spotlight on the English Springer Spaniel

Also in your free time this weekend, check out our fun Pinterest Page! We’ve got TONS of great dog videos, adorable dog photos, funny dog photos, DIY dog project and more!

Best Bully Sticks Breed Spotlight: English Springer Spaniel

A loveable and beautiful dog, the English Springer Spaniel is the favorite of both hunters and families wanting a great all-around dog. With an eager to please attitude and a stunning look, it’s easily understandable why these dogs are highly sought after. Learn more about the English Springer Spaniel on the Breed Spotlight.

History & Background: English Springer Spaniels were the predecessors of all other Spaniels, except for Cockers, which used to be born in the same litter. Both of these dogs were used for hunting: Cockers for woodcocks and Springers for flushing out “springing” game. Both of these dogs have been around since the Renaissance. It wasn’t until 1902 that Springers received their own status as a separate breed by England’s Kennel Club. In 1924, the English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Association was formed, making this breed more popular in the U.S. This dog is still makes for a great hunting dog and serves many homes as a wonderful family companion.

Height: Males 18 to 20 inches; Females 17 to 19 inches

Weight: For show dogs: Males 50 to 55 pounds; Females 35 to 45 pounds. For field dogs, weight is less and they are much more lithe than show dogs.

Coat: A Springer has an outer and undercoat, which are easily differential on the body. The medium-length outer coat is flat or wavy and the undercoat is short, soft and dense. Depending on the season, the dog will have more or less of an undercoat, but when both coats are fully intact, a Springer is virtually waterproof and weatherproof. This dog also has considerable fringe on the ears, chest, legs and belly. Everywhere else, the hair is short and fine. Working Springers usually have shorter, harder coats.

Color: These Spaniels are usually colored in a few different ways.
Liver or black with white markings
White with liver or black markings
Blue or Liver Roan
Any white portion of a Springer’s coat can have ticking.

This dog’s nose is liver or black depending on the color combination. Eyes are the same way, and are usually dark hazel in the liver and white dogs and black or deep brown in the black and white dogs. read more…

Weekly Drool Recipe: Peanut Butter Apple Dog Biscuits from Yuki + Rocket

This time of year, apple orchards around the country are sending delighted locals home with bushels full of all the diversity of the apple world. Red Delicious, Macintosh, Pink Lady, Granny Smith and more are gracing many tarts, pies and jam jars this Fall. knows it wouldn’t be Autumn if the smell of some concoction of baked apples wasn’t wafting out of the kitchen.

Don’t let your dog miss out on the apple harvest! Melissa from her Yuki + Rocket (her two Schnauzers) blog has done it again. Her take on this apple-licious dog treats is sure to please your pooch! Here is Melissa’s recipe for Peanut Butter Apple Dog Biscuits!

1 1/2 cups of brown rice flour
1 1/2 cups wheat germ
2 tbsp flaxseed meal
1 tsp cinnamon
1 medium apple, grated, remove core and all seeds
1 tsp freshly grated ginger
1/2 cup natural smooth peanut butter
1/4 cup honey
1/8 cup of fat free milk

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees

2. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper

3. In a large bowl, combine brown rice flour, wheat germ, flaxseed meal, and cinnamon.

4. With a fork, fold in apple and ginger, taking care the ginger does not stay in a clump and is evenly distributed throughout the mix.

5. In a separate small bowl, mix the peanut butter and honey. After combined mix it into the large bowl.

6. Add milk. read more…

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