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Weekly Drool Recipe: Pumpkin & Peanut Butter Braaaaain Pupcakes

HAPPY HOWL-O-WEEN! It’s no trick! It’s all treats around here at BBS! is excited to celebrate this October 31st with a scrumptiously scary dog treat! Erica at For the Love of Pooch blog shared her Pumpkin & Peanut Butter Brain Pupcake recipe with us and we’re sharing it with you! This fall-flavored, Halloween-themed treat will have your dog’s tail wagging! Have a ghoulishly great October 31st, Bully Fans!

1 C. of whole wheat flour (regular or white)
1 egg
2 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp. honey
1/2 C. skim milk
1/4 C. unsweetened & unsalted peanut butter
1/8 C. pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling)
1/4 C. water

1/4 C. pumpkin
1 oz low fat cream cheese

1. Preheat oven 350 degrees.

2. Mix flour, egg, olive oil, honey, skim milk, peanut butter, pumpkin, and water together. Batter should be thick.

3. Pour into cupcake tins about 2/3 full.

4. Bake for 20 – 25 minutes. Let cool.

5. Mix 1/4 C. of pumpkin with 1 oz of cream cheese. Refrigerate for 30 minutes.

6. Using a Wilton #12 tip, pipe the left and right hemispheres of the brain then pipe the middle.

Recipe Notes: Cut into small pieces for your dog to avoid choking. Feed this treat sparingly as a very special treat. The honey and cream cheese gives this treat a higher sugar and fat content.

Store in an airtight container for 5 days.

Write date on plastic bag to keep track of expiration date.

Thanks to Erica (& her dog Mochi) for sharing this yummy Halloween treat!

Bone Appétit! And Happy Howl-O-Ween, Bully Fans!

Dog Care 101 Tip #187 – Dog Comfort & Safety on Halloween

If you live in a neighborhood in America, the night of October 31st is busy! All Hallow’s Eve is night full of great costumes, flashy yard ornaments and maybe a future cavity or two. However, knows Halloween can still be spooky and scary for some family members, particularly your dog. So whether you decide to stay in or go out, here are a few tips on keeping your pooch calm and safe.

Staying In
If you decide to stay in and hand out yummy goodies to trick-or-treaters, make sure your dog isn’t frazzled by the end of the night from frequent doorbell rings or door knocks. Here are some handy tips to work on ahead of time.

The Doorbell: Teach your dog to stay quiet when the doorbell rings by having a friend stand outside and ring the doorbell or knock. If your dog starts to bark, give them the “quiet” command and as soon as the barking stops, treat and praise your dog. Over time your dog will equate the doorbell with receiving treats and barking will become less and less.

Kid-Friendly: If your dog isn’t well socialized with children, make sure you keep your dog away from the open door. Halloween isn’t the time to learn. However, you should introduce your dog to children slowly and by giving him positive reinforcement, your dog will become kid friendly in no time. But remember, even dogs that are very kid-friendly can still be overwhelmed on a very kid-centric holiday like Halloween.

Simple Commands: It’s always good to remember the simple things like “sit”, “stay” and “leave it”. Work with these commands more than normal leading up to the 31st to reinforce your dog’s ability to take commands. read more…

Best Bully Sticks Product Spotlight: Pet Greens Products

It’s cool to be green! At, we offer you Pet Greens Snacks, a delicious and healthy treat to toss your pup or cat.

They are 100% natural, and a great way to make your dog or cat a little greener! These treats are meaty and low in carbohydrates, and also come with the Green Nutrition Pet Greens is known for! The added benefits of wheat grass will keep your pet happy and healthy, as well as less likely to eat household plants or outdoor grass that could be harmful to their health.

Is your pal tired of boring treats? Then you will definitely want to give these to them, they’ll be sure to love ’em!

$3.49 – $5.99

Best Bully Sticks Product Spotlight: Aunt Jeni’s Fish Treats

With’s new Aunt Jeni’s Fish Treats, your dog or cat will have a new, healthy treat they’ll love. Aunt Jeni’s 100% Natural dehydrated fish treats are a great source of omega-3 essential fatty acids as well as calcium.

The individual fish treats are fully dehydrated sardines approximately 3-4 inches in length. This bag is sold as an 8-ounce recloseable pouch. Because this is an all-natural product, the bags are sold by weight and not by volume.

Toss your pet this delicious treat and watch as they enjoy the flavor. They’ll love it because of the taste, and you’ll love it because your dog or cat will be getting the nutrients they need!

BBS Weekend Reader: October 27th & 28th Edition

Did you miss any of BARK-tastic blogs this week?  If you did miss any of the Lure Coursing/Bully Breed/Crockpot Cooking/Newfie fun, catch up before Monday with all of this week’s great BBS Blogs!

So snuggle up to your favorite pooch (or pooches) and read the BBS Healthy Dog Blog! Happy Weekend Reading! Click the links below to find out more about:

Dog Sports: Lure Coursing • National Pit Bull Awareness Month • Easy Crockpot Chicken & Rice Dog Food Recipe • Breed Spotlight on the Newfoundland

Also in your free time this weekend, check out our fun Pinterest Page! We’ve got TONS of great dog videos, adorable dog photos, funny dog photos, DIY dog project and more!

BBS Breed Spotlight: Newfoundland

New-fun-land. Newf-in-land. New-found-land. No matter how you say it, the Newfoundland is a sizable sweetie with a penchant for lazing about and loving his family. highlights this beautiful beast of a dog in our Breed Spotlight! Read on to find out some very interesting facts about the Newfoundland!

History & Background: The exact history of this dog is a bit fuzzy and speculation about the pedigree of the Newfoundland is very wide and ranging. Some say the Newfie has ties to Great Pyrenees while others say mastiffs and yet others say the Labrador. The most interesting story says this dog is the descendant of the Viking “bear dogs.”  What is known is that the Newfoundland hails from the island of the same name off the Canadian coast. First called the St. John’s Dog, after the city in Newfoundland where the Newfie was a working dog being used by fishermen. This dog had a heavy coat for icy waters, a large build for hauling carts and large, webbed feet for swimming. This dog also was a savior to many at danger in the water. Accounts of Newfoundlands saving shipwrecked sailors or children in too deep of water are also a part of the legend of this breed. At one point, Newfoundlands were taken to England and widely bred. Most modern Newfies have forebearers born in England.

It can be seen throughout history that Newfoundlands have been noble and loyal companions by the owners who’ve kept them. Presidents Ulysses S. Grant and Lyndon B. Johnson and Senator Robert F. Kennedy all owned Newfies. Seaman, a Newfoundland, was the companion of Meriwether Lewis on the Lewis and Clark expeditions. Famous Newfoundlands were produced out of imaginations as well and can be seen in literature as Nana, the “nurse” dog of children in Peter Pan as well as many other fictional characters.

Height: Males: 27 – 29 inches; Females: 25 – 27 inches

Weight: Males: 130 – 150 pounds; Females: 100 – 120 pounds read more…

Weekly Drool Recipe: Easy Crockpot Chicken & Brown Rice

Best Bully Sticks knows that dog lovers have to be the healthy conscience for their dogs. Making smart feeding choices is a large part of those choices, but it’s not always easy to know what’s best for your dog. Feeding high quality kibble is a great foundation, but each dog has different nutritional needs. Talking to your vet about a good feeding supplements might be best for you four-legged best friend. But we think this Easy Crockpot Chicken & Brown Rice recipe for dogs is a great start! Packed with great veggies and protein, your pet will love this addition to his food bowl! This hearty addition to your dog’s food is perfect for the cooler months as well.

1 cup brown rice

2 cups water

1/2 lb. green beans, broken into segments

1 medium sweet potato, raw, cut into medium-sized chunks (leave skin on)

3 carrots, sliced into about 1″ thick rounds

2 boneless chicken breasts (with or without skin)

1. Put all ingredients into the crockpot in the order given (layer, don’t mix).

2. Cook on low for about 8 hours, on high for about 5 hours.

3. When done, stir, breaking up the chicken into small pieces. Everything will be quite soft.

4. Let cool and serve; can be used with a quality kibble or by itself, in a serving size appropriate for your dog’s weight and activity level.

Refrigerate unused portion; keeps up to three days.

Substitutions are allowed! For vegetables, try broccoli florets, zucchini, spinach or any of several types of squash. For the protein source, beef cubes, turkey or lamb also work. Use organic ingredients if possible.

Bone Appétit! Celebrates Pit Bull Awareness Month & Day!

October is designated Pit Bull Awareness Month with the 27th being the focal point of the month for Pit Bull Awareness Day. This is the day to celebrate the breed and break down stereotypes of the nature of Pit Bulls. The dog was once called the “Nanny Dog,” so what happened? Why does this breed get such a bad rap? That’s why wants to start the conversation with you. We’re going to talk about 4 myths about Pit Bulls and “Bully” breeds.

#1 Pit Bulls and “Bully” breeds are aggressive.
Some cultural thought suggests that pit bull type dogs are inherently aggressive toward people. The history of these breeds originate in England, where all “bully” breeds have their ancestors. English baiting dogs were bred to grip and hold bulls, bear and large animals. After bull baiting was banned, dog-on-dog fighting began. These owners bred small, agile terriers with large, heavy bulldogs to create fighting breeds. These dogs eventually led to breeds like bulldogs, mastiffs, Staffordshire bull terriers, American Staffordshire terriers, Boxers and Bull terriers.  There really is no such dog as  “pit bull,” but simply dogs that have the same general look.

However, the term “bully” doesn’t suggest a temperament problem against people. Unfortunately, these dogs were bred to fight dogs, and still today are more likely to be aggressive toward their fellow dogs and not people. In fact, the American Temperament Test Society found that, on average, most dogs are 77% likely to have a good temperament. Pit types were above average with an 82% or better. So needless to say, pit bulls that exhibit aggressive behavior are atypical.

Temperament depends on many different factors including reproductive status, sex, training, socialization and more. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) found these very interesting facts.

  • More than 70 percent of all dog bite cases involve unneutered male dogs.
  • An unneutered male dog is 2.6 times more likely to bite than is a neutered dog.
  • A chained or tethered dog is 2.8 times more likely to bite than a dog not chained or tethered.
  • 97 percent of dogs involved in fatal attacks on people in 2006 (the most recent year statistics are available) were not spayed/neutered. read more…

Dog Care 101 Tip #186 – Dog Sports: Lure Coursing

If you don’t use it, you lose it. That’s the case with today’s Dog Care 101’s featured Dog Sport, Lure Coursing. This fast-paced, high-energy event was created to keep dogs on their toes and off the couch. This sport shows off the sheer speed and athleticism dogs are born with and wants to share it with you. Read on to learn more about Lure Coursing!

What is Lure Coursing?
This Dog Sport consists of sighthounds chasing or coursing an artificial lure around an open field. If you’re unsure what qualifies as a sighthound, think Whippets, Greyhounds, or Rhodesian Ridgebcks (full list later in post). This purpose of this sport is to preserve the abilites and skills of sighthounds.

The inception of Lure Coursing is in ancient times. Sighthounds have been hunting live prey as far back as ancient Egypt.  People have used sighthounds for hunting throughout history to catch game because they hunt by sight, not smell, thus their name. Not only do they have sharp eyes but sighthounds are known for their sleek forms and extremely fast legs. However, the athleticism shown by these amazing dogs wasn’t always good for the dogs. Many fanciers of these hounds risked their dog’s safety because of barbed wire fencing and running in harsh elements. A better way was needed. read more…

Best Bully Sticks Product Spotlight: Cadet’s Hands Off Pet Waste Remover

Tired of bending over to pick up your dog’s waste? Never again! With Cadet’s Hands Off Pet Waste Remover, you only need one hand to operate!

To use this product, simply grip the handle to open the jaws at the bottom of the waste remover and let go to scoop up the waste. The remover uses spring action to remain closed before and after you’ve picked up your pet’s waste. Since this is also weather resistant, you won’t have to worry about leaving it outdoors when you’re finished.

With Cadet’s Hands off Pet Waste Remover, we at know that walking your dog will now be a breeze. With one hand used to pick up your dog’s waste, you will have a better grip on your dog’s leash and every clean up job will be easy. $9.50

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